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Mosquito Repellents for Babies

Mosquitoes tend to ruin the time that toddlers spend playing outdoors, not to mention that these virus carriers pose a huge risk to their health. Here are some mosquito repellents to keep them safe:

Regular Sprays

Easy to use anywhere, the only disadvantage of sprays is that you will need to reapply it to baby’s skin and clothes every few hours.


This has all the advantages of its bug spray equivalent, except that you can only apply it on baby’s skin and not on his clothing. Also, it has a lotion consistency, which might not be appealing to every baby.

Dry Oil Body Sprays

This is great for infants, because it is gentle yet efficient. The cool thing about this variant is that it literally dries in an instant, without leaving any residue.


Patches allow babies to have protection without having to spray anything on their skin. Since patches are activated only after being squeezed, they don’t have an expiration date, unlike other products. Each patch will remain efficient at repelling mosquitoes for more than five hours. However, irritable babies may not be comfortable with having to wear patches.


A sticker’s lasting power can reach up to 72 hours, so it won’t be necessary to reapply it often. You can attach it to baby’s onesie instead of his skin, too. Its only drawback is that not every parent likes the aesthetic of the sticker form.

These mosquito repellents are gentle but efficient in keeping your children safe from mosquitoes. Know your baby so that you can choose what’s best for him or her.

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