Find a Southstar Drug Near You! It’s all about location, location, location. - Southstar Drug

Find a Southstar Drug Near You! It’s all about location, location, location.

Southstar Drug

Southstar Drug is everywhere!

From a small drugstore in Bicol since we first opened in 1937 to becoming one of the leading retail pharmacies in the Philippines, Southstar Drug is now virtually everywhere. At present, we are in more than 500 physical store locations with several store concepts throughout the country. With flexible pharmacy operations open day and night, from weekdays to weekends, we are able to provide our services in most residential and business areas. We also have our online drugstore with a great assortment of household supplies, over-the-counter and prescription medicines from top pharmaceutical brands that you can access anytime, anywhere with an internet connection and a mobile device, laptop or computer. Southstar Drug is wherever our customers need us the most. 

Reaching out to customers of all types

Inspired to stay relevant and motivated by your continuous trust and support, we have dedicated our efforts to become more accessible. In Southstar Drug’s long history of doing business, our collective experience and knowledge continue to help us understand our customers better. 

With that, Southstar Drug has determined the best ways to connect with people with different lifestyles, thus expanding our presence in key locations for your convenience. 

To know the places where you can find us, let us walk you through the profiles we have identified below. Chances are, we're just around the corner, at your service!


Find a Southstar Drug Location Near You

Through our partnership with Robinsons Retail Group, we have made it possible to be at the center of the city’s humdrum. Southstar Drug store locations in supermarkets and major shopping malls are perfect for:

Workweek Hustlers. The workforce is composed of essential workers, corporate men and women, and everyone who goes to and from their work site. With their busy schedule, they spend most of their day at work and have less time to go around and deal with their errands. But what is sure about them is they tend to go out during their one-hour break period or zoom through the department stores or supermarket on their way to the nearest transit stations. By being in their path, Southstar drug is able to present a practical and hassle-free opportunity for this type of customer to drop by.
City-zens. They are city-dwellers who may be “villagers” or anyone living in high rise buildings or metropolitan communities. Since these avenues are often bustling with action, a lot of people residing in the city often run to their neighboring mall or supermarket for their daily and emergency needs. Fortunately, Southstar Drug in these locations opens and closes at the same time as its host location, enabling our services to welcome customers during peak and off-peak hours. Through our flexible and widely accessible locations, we are able to cater to people with non-standard schedules and are just residing nearby.
Mall Hoppers: Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, malls are still one of the top leisure destinations for Filipinos. Considering social distancing, mall safety protocols and increasing vaccination rates, there are a significant number of people who visit the mall to shop and dine. Being in this location allows Southstar Drug to provide convenient access to mall-going customers who opt to buy essentials while roaming around the mall.
Mall Residents:  Malls are not only leisure spots but are also home to many public and private offices and workspaces. As such, there is a population of people who are already on-site at the mall and spend much time there. Workers such as contact center agents, government workers (of agencies like SSS, DFA, NBI, PRC and more), and hub workers in realty, fitness, insurance, etc. can conveniently  visit and buy from Southstar Drug in between or after work hours.

Residential Corners

Find a Southstar Drug Location Near You

Stand-alone dedicated pharmacies are the primary sites of Southstar Drug. Because these dedicated locations are reasonably spacious and allow more products in one location, we are able to stock on supply for locations outside the Metro.  Without malls or the big supermarkets, retail outlets allow pharmaceutical and convenience items to be displayed in sections alongside the over-the-counter area for prescription and non-prescription medication. This set-up works perfectly for:

Residents: People and families in cities and provinces across the country in need of drugstore items and other essential supplies can go to or order from the Southstar Drug near their home. At present we have branches in most regions across the Philippines. True to our mission, we continue to make health care available everywhere, even for hard-to-reach communities.
Work-From-Home Employees:  The transition from onsite to the work-from-home (WFH) setting was propelled faster since the pandemic began. In effect, it may have relocated a number if not a lot of our customers from the National Capital Region back to their home provinces. This considered, Southstar Drug’s expansive presence can cater to your needs via walk-in, Call & Pick-up or online.

The present and the presence of the digital landscape

Friendly staff at Southstar Drug are ready to serve you.

With the Southstar Drug online store, location is the least of your worries because any type of customer with access to the internet can order easily. Southstar Drug’s reliability serves digital customers who are:

Busy Bees: As they have virtually no time to go to a drug store with their busy schedules, these professionals and non-professionals leading an active life can’t risk too much of their time. Southstar Drug Online provides them with an easy and convenient way to punch in their order via our online cart with options for pick-up and delivery.
Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs): They may not be physically residing in the Philippines but through MedSubscribe, Southstar Drug’s exclusive subscription service, our modern-day heroes can order the needs and essentials for their families back home and schedule its regular delivery. With considerable payment options available, this no-contact solution enables a seamless cross-channel experience for our customers abroad.

From Naga to the rest of the Philippines

We have come a long way since we first opened our humble pharmacy in Naga. With all the progress since then, Southstar Drug still has more stores set to open in more locations. But all these are not possible without your trust and support. Thus, as we expand, you’ll know where to find us through Southstar Drug Online.

To check all our locations see our current list of Southstar Drug store locations and contact numbers for our Call & Pick Service.  You’ll find that Southstar Drug is right where you need it.