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Athleisure is the New Big Thing

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Athleisure is the New Big Thing

Athleisure is the New Big Thing

On a different and lighter note,  let's talk about "athleisure."

You might not happen to hear this word before but sure you have dressed yourself up this way one way or another.  Athleisure is  the new thing in the fashion industry.  Be it on the school run, in the line for morning coffee, over a business lunch, performance-wear as everyday-wear for women of all ages is becoming trendy.

However, what exactly is "athleisure" and why more and more people are falling in love with the ideology behind the trend?

Athleisure itself combines trendy and stylish attire with an intensive comfort factor so you can carry both a classy aesthetic and a comfortable nature when you are out in the public. Athleisure clothes are yoga pants, tights, and leggings for girls. Although the trend was started by women, men are dramatically switching to athleisure wear as well. For men, athleisure clothes include varsity jackets, sporty version of men's blazer, jogger shorts, sweatpants. These apparel are made from performance fabric; more often than not a wool or cotton blend, so it’s quick-drying, it’s odor-resistant, and it’s moisture-wicking.

Shoppers and window shoppers alike might have noticed this while taking a stroll at the mall: most clothing brands extended their product lines and included a section for fashionable-workout apparel with tons of choices just like that regular skinny jeans you're looking for. Yes, gym clothes are no longer just found in Nike, Adidas or Under Armour -- they are everywhere now! No wonder why one research concluded that athleisure apparel was recorded as one of the ten things millennials spend the most on.

For most working men and women, especially those who are employed in small to medium companies that don't require corporate attire at work, it is quite a game changer. According to them, keeping a fitness status is part of their goals aside from just working their pants off the whole day. So being able to wear athleisure clothes at work saves them from bringing work out bags and changing to gym clothes afterwards. What a relief!

One type of athleisure wear is called "technical wear" which describes clothes that are more suitable for wearing to the office while being comfortable. Casual Friday no more! It's casual day all day, everyday, and that's okay! Fashion and comfort rolled into one. Why noooot?

More than all these things, athleisure, on the other hand, is about discipline and endurance. One could argue this rise in active-wear is due to a shift in lifestyle trends rather than a shift in fashion trends. Athleisure also has the perceived lifestyle benefits which motivate consumers  on wearing it. It reminds you to make conscious decisions about how you spend your time and money. Like get hard in the gym instead of going to happy hour.

Customers not only want the pants themselves, but the active lifestyle that comes with them. They look and feel the part while wearing athleisure garments, and this inspires them to embody the characteristics that athleisure brands represent. With wellness currently trending as a lifestyle, consumers’ choice of athleisure over other apparel should come as no surprise.

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