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Functional Fitness Training

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Functional Fitness Training

Functional Fitness Training

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to get #gainz aside from lifting weights at the gym? Do you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and swimming? Have you ever heard the words ‘functional fitness training’?



Origins & Functions

Functional fitness training originated from rehabilitation exercises made by physical and occupational therapists. These exercises were done so that patients with movement disabilities could slowly learn or relearn how to do daily activities, such as sitting down and standing up, so that eventually the patients are able to perform these actions on their own.

Soon these exercises were adapted for able-bodied people to strengthen their bodies and prepare them for everyday and outdoor activities. It works out all your muscle groups together, instead of focusing on individual parts like in regular gym exercises. Instead of only toning your arms, going with functional training can simultaneously do wonders for your arms, back, and core, allowing for a more holistic development of the body. It hones not only the strength of your body, but also your endurance and sense of balance.

Examples and Routines

Functional fitness exercises simulate day-to-day activities to develop your muscles and adapt them to those conditions. It makes your body more used to doing those activities so that when you actually went out and do it, you would be less likely to injure yourself.

These kinds of exercises include dead lifts (which focuses on your pulling muscles, making you more adept at carrying heavy objects) and squats (which train your back and all your leg muscles, and improve your balance). Here’s a list of functional fitness exercises you can do at home:

  • Medicine Ball Squats - trains back, legs, glutes, and arms
  • Stair Climb with Bicep Curl - strengthens arms and legs, as well as cardiovascular system
  • Hip Extension with Reverse Fly - trains balance, core, legs, back
  • Diagonal Reach with Medicine Ball - works all muscles, helps in reaching for things on high shelves


How It Affects Modern Fitness

Some of the exercises mentioned above have been integrated into common workout routines, and are practiced by most people who exercise. This popularization of functional fitness exercises has made people adapt, making them more fit to do daily tasks like lifting and transporting heavy objects and climbing a certain height.


Photo from: http://www.activefitnessaim.in/img/slider/slide02.jpg


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