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Let’s Go: Pokemon Go!

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Let’s Go: Pokemon Go!

Let’s Go: Pokemon Go!

There’s a Pokéfever going on across the globe! Let’s put the blame on the app Pokemon Go! It is the latest augmented reality gaming craze that has become the most downloaded mobile app in its first week of release in the history of the, rabbit hole, app store!

That’s true. Everyone wants to be the very best, like no one ever has! The number of Pokémon Go daily users range from nine to 21 million people, and this user base is growing daily. Who would have thought that during its first week of launching, people spend a total of 75 minutes to play Pokemon Go; outnumbering the times spent using Facebook which is 35 minutes only. That, and the number of users  are expected to surpass that of Twitter!

Lots of experts have claimed that Pokemon Go’s impact on players health is quite promising.  It's a game that happens to promote healthy behaviors. Players started to travel across the land, searching far and wide.  Pokémon Go players level up by the number of kilometers they must travel to progress in the game,

Why? Here: when you get an egg, usually at a Pokéstop, you can place it in an incubator to wait for it to hatch. The time it takes to hatch is up to you. The first eggs you get require you to walk 2 km or 5 km for incubation to complete. Imagine walking 2km to 5km?It’s equivalent to 25-30 calories burn. Needless to say, walking around helps much more than just our mental health; it can also help people lose weight, stay in shape and build overall healthier bodies. In this day and age of development, people are known to be hooked up to a sedentary lifestyle also known as being a couch potato. Playing Pokemon Go  is a good way to alter this lifestyle in a fun and interactive manner!
Pokemon Go is also educational. To catch Pokémon, you use Pokéballs, which you can get when you visit Pokéstops. And Pokéstops just happen to include many landmarks and historical markers, including those hidden ones in your own neighborhood. 

On top of that, Pokemon Go is believed to have impact on players' anxiety and depression.Thousands of people have been tweeting and reporting about how Pokemon Go eliminates their depression and anxiety because the game makes them them stay out of the house; making it easier to interact with friends and strangers alike. According to them, they tend to be more sociable and feel a sense of belongingness. 

Let’s hear a Pokemon Go player/trainer has to say: 

"What began as just playing the game has now become a hobby for me that provides certain health benefits. I've spent an hour or two at a time venturing around the community to find Pokéstops. And, to hatch one egg, a trainer must walk anywhere from one to six miles. There's no doubt about it, I am exercising more as a result of playing the game, and I am enjoying it."

Download Pokémon GO, catch them all, and be the best like no one ever has!

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