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National Cancer Consciousness Week

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National Cancer Consciousness Week

National Cancer Consciousness Week

Every 3rd week of the month of January, the Department of Health (DOH) celebrates National Cancer Consciousness Week.  This event is held to spread cancer awareness.

Cancer is placed third in the ten leading causes of mortality. It is a deadly disease that takes away our loved ones if not treated immediately. Cancer is common to both gender and it  can be present in any age group.

Cancer is the result of abnormal growth of cells. Malignancy is another term used for cancer. Our body normally produces new cells in replacement for the old cells that have died. But sometimes this process can go wrong. Tumor can be formed when extra mass cell is formed. The cause of these extra mass cells is when a new cell is formed even when you don’t need it or when an old cell doesn’t die.

There are two types of tumor, the benign tumor and the malignant tumor. Between this two, the malignant tumor is cancerous. Malignant tumor is capable to multiply uncontrollably, invade the surrounding tissues, and spread to various parts of the body.

There are over 100 types of cancer. The name of the cancer is usually derive from where it originated. For example the cancer of the lungs is named lung cancer. Metastasis is the term used for the spread of cancer to one part of the body to another.

Five(5) Most Common Type of Cancer Around the Philippines
In the year 2010, cancer has been ranked 3rd in the list of leading cause of death in the Philippines according to World Health Organization (WHO). The top 10 most common cancer type in the country are as follow:

Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is the leading cancer for women in the Philippines.  An abnormal mammogram or breast lump is the early sign for breast cancer. Constant self-breast examination is advised to early detect abnormal growth in the breast. Males are not exempted because they can get one, too. Just like for females, male breast cancer should be taken seriously as well.

Lung Cancer
This type of cancer is the most common cancer among men. If you are smoking, you are at a greater risk of having lung cancer. The length of time and the number of cigarettes that you consume increase the risk of you acquiring lung cancer.If you quit smoking, you reduce your chance of developing the cancer of the lungs

Liver Cancer
Liver cancer is usually secondary or metastatic. Secondary liver cancer started from another part of the body and have spread in the liver. Liver cancer that originate from the liver is a primary liver cancer. Individuals who have risk factors like hepatitis or cirrhosis are the one’s that are commonly affected by primary liver cancer.

Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer is common from women ages 30 up to 55. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the main cause of cervical cancer. HPV is transferred through sexual intercourse. There are different types of HPV but not every type is cancerous.

Colon Cancer
Former President Cory Aquino, Chat Silayan, Susan Fuentes, Rio Diaz, Helen Vela, and veteran actor Charlie Davao are some of the notable persons who have died of colon cancer. Most colon cancer started from benign tumors called adenomatous polyps. Adenomatous polyp forms on the inner walls of the large intestine. If these adenomatous polyp is not removed, it may lead to malignant tumours that is already considered as cancer.

Other common cancer in the Philippines are Thyroid Cancer, Rectal Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Early detection is the key to halt the progress and damage of cancer. Be sure to make regular check up a habit and let’s fight cancer and all its types.

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