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New Facial & Neck Massaging Devices

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New Facial & Neck Massaging Devices

New Facial & Neck Massaging Devices

You’ve probably seen those strange looking devices that people have been rubbing against their faces: things like scalp massagers, face rollers, etc. Some of the more popular devices that came out recently include the 3D Solar Face & Body Massager and the Face Dermaroller. You might think that they’re silly looking, but when you look at the advantages of using such products, you’ll think twice about not using them.


History of Facial Massaging Devices

Facial massagers can be traced back to ancient China, where empresses would use jade rollers to soothe and smooth their skin, as well as ward negative qi (energy) from their bodies.[1] These techniques became popular in Korea and Japan, who then came up with their own versions of the jade roller.

Modern face massaging came about in the late 1950s, and became popular because of Senta Maria Runge in Face Lifting by Exercise.[2]

Benefits and Drawbacks of Facial Massaging Devices

Massaging your face stimulates the muscles, drawing more blood to the face as you massage them. This causes more oxygen and nutrients to go to your face muscles, which slows down the aging process and reduces puffiness and fine lines. It can also relieve stress, headaches, PMS, and sinus congestion.[3]

Sure, it’s may not be the most convenient thing at times (you can’t just pull out a facial massager in the middle of work in the office), and it costs more money than just using your hands, but it definitely has it’s perks. For example, doing this by hand requires you to massage certain points and areas in a specific way. With the use of these tools, you don’t have to worry about that; just follow the instructions that come with the tools and massage away!




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