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Shop for Medicine & Healthcare Supplies Online at Southstar Drug
Southstar Drug is now online! Conveniently order and access a wide range of products through our online drug store and delivery services. With internet connection through Wi-Fi or data you can easily visit and browse our online catalogue of pharmacy essentials using a laptop or a mobile gadget anytime, anywhere. At Southstar Drug, we offer a great selection of highly available prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products as well as food, personal care, and health and wellness items.

Discover our Wide Assortment of Products and Brands
Southstar Drug also carries its own Southstar Drug House Brand where you can find household essentials from bathroom supplies such as cotton buds, baby wipes, facial tissue, hand soap, dishwashing liquid, bathroom tissue rolls, headband, bath puff, bath mitt and body scrub to first-aid and COVID-19 supplies such as adhesive bandage plastic strips, medical tape, gauze bandage, ear savers and washable adult face mask. Our housebrand also offers other medical tests or monitoring kits such as digital thermometers, pregnancy tests, and automatic blood pressure monitors among others. Other personal instruments are also available like nebulizers, reading eyeglasses, and abdominal binders.

Enjoy MedSubscribe, Call & Pick and Other Services
Southstar Drug also provides other basic services for our customers.

Sign up to MedSubscribe and avail exclusive discounts as much as 50% off! Through your subscription with us, you can place regular orders and schedule deliveries for your medical and vital supplies. It’s easy, simple, practical. This is perfect for people who are always on the run or are caught up in their daily activities. Furthermore, if you are an OFW who wants to take care of your family’s needs or if you are staying safe at home and cannot personally go to the pharmacy due to the pandemic, MedSubscribe can help you relieve some of your worries. This subscription program can help support and manage your family’s access to pharmacy essentials and other regular supplies. Learn more about how you can enroll in the Southstar Drug MedSubscribe program.

If you’re just in need of a quick drugstore run, go for our Call & Pick-up Service. Call ahead to place your order, then skip the queue and come pick up your supplies when it’s ready. Check the Call & Pick-up page for the contact details of the Southstar Drug nearest you and call to make your order.

Through Southstar Drug, you may also avail our E-load services or order load cards and sim cards for Globe, Smart and Sun subscribers.

We also offer Maxicare Health Cards that can fit your budget for emergency coverage of medical needs.

You can rely on Southstar Drug

Southstar Drug is always committed to reliable and accessible customer service. Shop online today!