Home Remedies

Plenty of Filipinos use home remedies to alleviate simple conditions such as sore throat, fever, body pains, and wounds and scrapes. If you’re in need of home remedies for these conditions, or if you’re simply putting together a first aid kit for your home or workplace, you can find all the items that you’re looking for on Southstar Drug. Drop by any of our branches or use our convenient online platform to order various home remedies such as oral antiseptics, medicated patches, cooling gels, lozenges, and wound solutions. Southstar Drug delivers nationwide, and we offer standard and same-day shipping.

There are plenty of mild conditions that you can treat at home if you have the right tools and supplies. Shop for the home remedies you need at Southstar Drug and make sure you’re prepared in case anyone in your family starts feeling under the weather. We have medicated patches and over-the-counter pain medications that help address body pains, ointments and creams that can be used to treat insect bites and keep wounds clean, as well as oral antiseptics, inhalers, and lozenges and pastilles to help alleviate the symptoms of sore throat and runny or clogged nose. Place your orders for home remedies on our online platform and find the tools and supplies you need to feel better at the tip of your fingers.

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