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Most of us have experienced the long line at the pharmacists’ area and fall behind people jotting down their orders before we can hand over the official prescription copy from our doctor. On peak seasons or a certain time of a pandemic such as this, we tend to witness our pharmacies with more people waiting inside and even outside just to buy their medicines or other drugstore essentials. You certainly don’t want to jump in that. Thankfully, aside from our regular health, personal, child and baby care products, you can also buy these branded and generic prescription medicines through our online drugstore! 

Click away and avoid the delay and hassle when purchasing to fill your prescription. Buy RX medicine online and order through Southstar Drug today! 

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Southstar Drug offers a wide assortment of branded and generic prescription and maintenance medicines online. Find trusted pharmaceutical brands such as Abbot, Novartis, Pfizer, Pharex, Janssen, Rhea, RiteMed, The Generics Pharmacy and our very own Southstar Drug house brand.

Browse through our selection of RX medicines for sale like antihistamines, analgesics, pain relievers, antiasthma, antibacterial, antidiarrheals, antifungals, antivirals, derma topicals, muscle relaxants, and more. Same store prices guaranteed!

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Ensure your safety and save time by ordering through Southstar Drug. Now you won’t have to repeat the cycle of going out and falling in line for prescription drugs. Instead, you can order and schedule a series of deliveries via MedSubscribe. Also, check out other services such as Call & Pick and door-to-door delivery for your convenience.

Prescription Medicine Delivery Nationwide

Southstar Drug delivers prescription medicines to locations within Metro Manila and other provinces. Know our standard shipping rates and delivery time for online prescription medicine delivery. 

Reminder: A doctor's prescription is required to purchase prescription and maintenance medicines, even when you buy online. Please upload the photo of your prescription. We have provided an upload button at each product page for prescription medicines. Our Southstar Drug pharmacists will get in touch with you to validate your prescription to complete your purchase.

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