Adult vs. Pediatric Dengue

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When it comes to dengue, some adult clinical manifestations can be different from that of children. It is important for parents to know the difference. Likewise, healthcare providers should take note of these differences when in the process of proclaiming a diagnosis for probable cases of dengue.

For instance, headache and muscle pain are more common among adults, while coughing, vomiting, abdominal pain, and red rashes are more common among children. Curiously, muscle pain is milder in more benign cases of dengue. Science is yet to prove why.

Among major bleeding symptoms, having nosebleed is more common in children, while gum bleeding is more common in adults.

These proven differences in the manifestation of diseases such as dengue are some of the notable proofs that children are not small adults. Maybe it can be endearing to think of them as such, but no. They’re really just children.