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Baby powder has been every mom’s best friend when it comes to nursing their child. It is used by applying directly on a child’s body; from the front torso to the back, either to avoid heavy sweats or just about give some comfort to the child. Baby powders have very tiny particles, are almost formless and effectively absorb sweats that lasts for more than 24 hours.

Although there are no incessant negative views over baby powders, parents must be aware that there are baby powders that do not pass the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standard. These kinds of baby powder must be avoided as they might cause skin allergies and other diseases to your child. 

What’s a Safe Baby Powder and What’s Not?
As what was mentioned above, all baby powders that had passed the FDA standards are safe to use. All the other baby powder products that are not approved by the FDA should not be patronized and used.

Corn-starch​ baby powder is the best types of baby powders that must be used. It is organic and are viewed as very safe for your child. Whereas you must avoid ​talc baby powders​ as they are known to ignite allergies and other breathing problems once inhaled.

Special note mommies, even if the baby powder is approved by the FDA, how you use it and how much you use it are crucial factors that may affect your baby’s health. Too much application and application to the baby’s face will cause an inevitable inhalation of the product. The tiny particles of the baby powder might be absorbed by the lungs and will stay there until it will cause discomfort on the baby.

How to Use Corn-starch Baby Powders?
Use a very small amount of baby powder and cautiously direct the product on the surface of your baby’s skin, preferably at his/her back and upper torso. It is a given that you should apply the product gently and with much care, you should also be aware that a very brisk and coarse movement along your baby’s skin will cause further irritation on your baby.

Additional Tips on Choosing the Best Baby Powders

  • Make sure that the baby powder is approved by the FDA.
  • Your baby powder should not be made with talc powder
  • Corn starch baby powder is the most preferred baby powder
  • Prior to the above mentioned, make sure that your baby is not allergic to this product and the brands you are using.
  •  When applying, make sure to be extra gentle because all  baby’s skin is thin and sensitive.

Things to Remember Before Using Baby Powder on your Baby’s Skin

  • Make sure that no eating utensils or baby bottles are near the place when you opt to apply baby powder.
  • Use a small amount of baby powder on your baby’s skin.
  • When pouring the product on your hands, make sure that it won’t be inhaled by your baby.
  • Lastly, keep away the product from the prying eyes of your baby once done.

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