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Stay Healthy and Celebrate Nutrition Month with Southstar Drug

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Nutrition is essential

Food is essential. It is our life force and sustenance. We grew up learning about the importance of food and the role of each meal in our daily activities.  We were instilled with the value of food and yet, a lot of people are suffering from various health diseases often due to what we eat or oftentimes, don’t eat. 

As society evolved to leading fast lives, the focus on nutrition was compromised. People immersed in demanding jobs, stressed at work or study, and constantly on the run are not able to prepare and take nourishing and fulfilling meals. Instead, they opt to substitute raw food with processed food items containing high amounts of salt, sugar or fat, mixed in with artificial substances and preservatives. You can only imagine how much of the bad stuff you take consuming these products. In small or moderate quantities, these processed foods are not harmful but when taken regularly at every meal, convenience is prioritized instead of health. 

Poor choice of food and an unhealthy lifestyle leads to conditions such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes or even malnutrition. With scarce nutritional value in processed and fast food items, health issues once only observed in old age became common in more and more people even as early as in their 20’s. Realizing the importance of nutrition, we must change our bad lifestyle and eating habits before it all comes back to haunt us later in life through various ailments and deficiencies.

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The importance of nutrition in the Philippines

To raise awareness about nutrition and health, the Philippine government established Nutrition Month through Section 7 of the Presidential Decree No. 491 or the Nutrition Act of the Philippines. Nutrition Month was established to be observed locally every March, while internationally, it is celebrated every July. 

Our National Nutrition Council (NNC), National Food and Agriculture Council (NFAC), Department of Health (DOH) and National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) are our main allies tasked to monitor, coordinate and lead nationwide nutrition-related campaigns.  They are the agents that help us achieve not only a meaningful and successful celebration of Nutrition Month, but also the improvement of the nation’s overall health. 

Southstar Drug joins the advocacy for good nutrition

With the essence of Nutrition Month realized, Southstar Drug joins the campaign to promote good nutrition, health and wellness. More than just getting the vitamins and minerals you need, let us inspire you to have a proper diet.  Good nutrition starts with you. So come along and start with these easy steps you can follow!

READ THE LABEL. Pay attention to the labeling on the package. It’s something most people often overlook but it is important to know the nutritional facts! Check the contents of the food by going over the ingredients list. 
✓ Avoid products with too much sugar and salt. Too much salt in your system can lead to cardiovascular problems such as hypertension and hypernatremia. 
✓ Likewise, an excess of sugar intake can also lead to issues such as diabetes and hypoglycemia.
 ✓ Before you buy, ask yourself if it contains good fat. Moderate food high in saturated fat and avoid food with trans fat as these can raise bad cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease. 
✓ Be discerning about how “natural” an item is. 
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EAT HEALTHY. Good and healthy food helps reduce the risk of diseases and improves your ability to fight and recover from illness. You don’t need to go full vegan, however. A mix of meats and dairy also provides essential proteins and nutrients we need. 

✓ Generally, just eat fresh and go easy on the processed food. 

✓ Take more vegetables and fruits into your diet. Go for a variety of not just greens, but also yellows, oranges and reds. 

✓ Choose whole grain and a fiber-filled diet for good digestion and nutrition. This helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals in a natural way and expel waste and toxins.

✓ Plan your meals ahead and have time to prepare a well-balanced course.  

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RETHINK YOUR DRINK. With the popularity of milk tea, coffee, and bottled drinks, we must remember that water is still the best. Unlike other drinks, water is the best to prevent dehydration, constipation and kidney problems.

✓ Quench your thirst with water instead of sugary drinks. The unseen ingredients in your take-out or bought beverage may include preservatives and food coloring not ideal for our body. 

✓ As an alternative, make your own drinks at home by blending fresh fruits or even vegetables together. Get the added boost of vitamins and fiber from these natural ingredients.

✓ Drinking too much of the sweet, creamy or strong stuff may be high in calories and increase your risk of suffering health problems such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

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TAKE YOUR VITAMINS. Help your body obtain complete nutrition and carry out its daily functions and stay healthy by taking vitamins and minerals. We need these since there are micronutrients our bodies don’t normally produce and may not be present in the food we eat. Just remember to check with your doctor to address what is lacking or deficient in your body. 

 Know the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals to take within your diet. Too much of these may lead to toxicity and complications if not regulated.

 Resist infections and enhance your immune response to viruses and bacteria with vitamins C and D, and zinc. For immunity and protection, take vitamin boosters like Asconzin, Berocca, Centrum, Conzace and Immuno Pro.

✓ Keep your heart and nerves healthy, boost energy, appetite and brain activity with vitamins B and E, and Omega 3. Maintain cardiovascular health and overall bodily functions with multivitamins and supplements like Calvin Plus, Fortima, Myra E, Omega Max and Pharex B-complex.

✓ Reduce fatigue, fight stress and boost hemoglobin by taking Iron supplements like Iberet, Ferustab, Sangobion and Stresstabs.

✓ Promote bone health, improve blood circulation and prevent osteoporosis by taking Calcium supplements like Calci Aid, Calactate, Caltrate, and Calvit.

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These are only a few of the many efforts that can start with us. The choice is still up to you. Making conscious and informed food choices can benefit you in more ways than avoiding health problems. This Nutrition Month, be reminded and together let’s aim for proper nutrition.