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THE DOCTOR IS IN : Why Should You See Your Doctor

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If you think you’re impervious to health risk during your twenty-something years, then think again.

Whatever age we are in, we face health risk long before we are aware of it. Some of the people think they’re all fine and good as long as they don’t experience the occasional to frequent headache or common colds. I don’t need to echo the cliche “prevention is better than cure” but there I‘ve said it.

Regular check up with your doctor is a must especially for us, “young invincibles” as they coined. Seeing a doctor seemed to be a hassle for many, too. While absolutely it’s a need and obviously not a want or a luxury even.

Know the benefits to why, really, should you see your doctor every year:

Keep up to date with recommended vaccinations and screenings is a fundamental part of health and wealthness. Vaccinations not only prevent some serious diseases, such as polio, hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, and even cervical cancer, but also provide “herd immunity” to those who cannot get vaccinated or who have weakened immune systems. Screenings can lead to early identification and treatment of underlying diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cancer.

Getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked provides a baseline to compare to over time, so it's valuable to obtain these numbers while you're still considered young and healthy. If nothing else, you can print out the numbers and use them as motivation to be healthier and beat them next year.

Annual visits to the doctor are a chance to update your personal medical record. Previously documented health information is accessible to Emergency Department physicians. This can reduce unnecessary testing and prevent allergic reactions, and generally help to ensure that you receive the best level of care possible.

Proper diet and exercise play a large role in our health, but genetics may “over rule” these efforts. If you have a family history of any of the multitudes of cancers, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, allergies, or any of a whole list of health issues, yearly physicals may detect them early, and early detection is vital for your health and safety.

Robert Wergin, MD says “It’s about establishing a relationship with someone who cares about, and can help you with, your health.” You may not need to see a doctor when you’re healthy, but when you come down with a nasty bug or mysterious ache, you’ll be glad to have someone with a knowledge of your medical history to turn to. Your relationship with your primary care physician, if well established, can provide peace of mind when you’re not feeling your best. “We’re like an extension of your own family,”

Remember, amongst many relationship you have, your relationship with your doctor is one of the most healthiest, (literally). Be a better patient. Be a responsible one. Set an appointment. Says your doctor.



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