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5 Things to Remember When Commuting in the Rain | Southstar Drug

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In a tropical climate like that in the Philippines, the rainy season brings nice cool weather that many people welcome. However, the cozy sweater weather also carries some inconvenience, especially for commuters. They may have challenges going to and from their destination because many roads become flooded and unpassable. They also risk getting drenched and possibly sick if caught in the rain unprepared.

Thankfully, can now buy medicine online in the Philippines drugstores in case you do happen to fall ill for any reason. However, it’s still best to be ready to ensure you arrive at your destination safe and dry. Here are five things you need to remember when commuting in the rain. 

Stay Updated with Road Closures

Before you leave the comfort of your home or return from your workplace, make sure to check if there are any major road closures. Due to heavy rains, some roads, alleyways, and avenues might get flooded and be closed off to commuters. Remember to listen to traffic advisories or ask local officers for updates about nearby streets whether they’re passable or not. Doing so allows you to plan out your commute and help you make changes to your route should you need to.

Be Ready with Quality Rain Gear

The weather can be unpredictable in the Philippines. One minute it’s bright and sunny, the next thing you know it’s pouring hard. That said, you must always be ready to protect yourself from the rain with the right gear. At the very minimum, bring an umbrella and a waterproof jacket to keep yourself dry.

When buying an umbrella, pick a sturdy one that won’t just shield you from the rain but can also withstand strong winds. If you need something you can pack inside your bag, opt for a foldable umbrella. You can also look for an automatic umbrella that you can quickly open and close with a push of a button. It’s very convenient to use, especially when your other hand is busy carrying other items.

As for the rain jacket or raincoat, you have various options to choose from in department stores. They carry different styles and designs, and at varying price points. If you’re searching for something compact, get a waterproof jacket or coat that can easily fold flat so they won’t take up so much space in your bag. With the right rain gear, you can avoid getting drenched or catching a cold.

Take Care of Your Feet

Apart from protecting your head and body from the rain, you also need to be mindful of your footwear when commuting in the rain. It won’t just protect your feet from getting wet but also ensure you won’t slip and fall. That said, swap your heels or suede loafers for rain boots or leather shoes with rubber soles that won’t get damaged when they get wet.

But even if you wear the proper footwear, your feet can sometimes still get wet from walking in a bit of floodwater. If this happens, wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water. If you can’t get to a bathroom right away, use alcohol because exposure to floodwater can cause skin rashes, wound infections, tetanus, or leptospirosis. It’s also a good idea to consult a doctor about staying healthy.

Keep Your Things Dry with a Waterproof Bag

While keeping your body dry is important, you also need to think about the condition of the items you’re bringing with you when commuting. This means investing in a quality water-repellent bag. Ideally, you get a backpack so you can keep your hands free to hold up your umbrella while walking.

If you’ll be carrying your laptop or other gadgets in your bag, put them in waterproof cases as extra protection against water damage. Similarly, you want to protect important documents inside a plastic envelope. You might also want to bring a couple of resealable plastic bags where you can put wet items so the rest of the things in your bag stays nice and dry.

Bring Spare Clothing

If you’ll be braving the rain, it’s a good idea to bring some extra clothes, footwear, and a towel. This way, you can change into something dry and be presentable in case you get caught in a downpour while on your way to work or an important appointment. Aside from your appearance, changing into dry clothes can reduce the risk of catching a cold or getting sick. If possible, leave an extra set of work clothes in the office so you’re always prepared.

While the rainy season gives Filipinos comfortable weather, it can also put commuters at a disadvantage. Fortunately, there are different ways you can improve your commuting even if it’s raining. Take your cue from the reminders mentioned here along with other precautions. Unless it’s necessary, stay home and don’t attempt to go out during heavy rains and thunderstorms. After all, your health and safety should always be your priority.