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Hypertension and Diabetes During The Holidays? What Should You Do?

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It’s the holiday season again when families, relatives, and friends have plans for vacations, parties, and scheduled visits to one another. There will be celebrations after celebrations which will challenge the body to move from here and there. And because it’s going to be a long happy break, people are excited to prepare the best holiday meals and preserved wines on the tables.

But, it’s also going to be a long night for emergency rooms to give medical treatment to patients  with shoot-up blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes, dehydration, fatigue, and headache. Doctors have specific and familiar advice when the holiday season is at hand. They would tell their patients to keep an eye on their food intake particularly sweets, fatty foods, and carbonated drinks.

Here are some common traps to avoid during the holiday season and be sure to take note of the tips on how to prevent them.

2 common illnesses during the holiday season

You cannot relish the moment with the people around you if you feel discomfort in your body. So, it’s important to know how hypertension and diabetes arise commonly during the holiday season.


Diabetes manifests its symptoms any time of the year but when the holidays come, anyone is not excused. But, if you already have a diagnosis of this, it will be a huge responsibility to attend to during this time of the year. It’s hard to say “No” to the foods that once were your favorite.

There are alluring foods that you are tempted to eat not only for one family event but for more social events to come. Aside from foods, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks are also on the list. So, healthy eating is recommended and you must also seek professional help from certified diabetes care specialists to develop a meal plan beforehand.

This means that you can still enjoy chow time with your friends and families. Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Have a scheduled snack or meal time that is almost similar to your normal eating time to achieve normal blood sugar.
  • Take control over your carbohydrate foods and beverages to avoid interfering with glucose levels.
  • Do not fast in the morning or skip meals as it may affect your blood sugar levels.
  • Eat only portions of the meals or snacks served and drink water instead of alcohol to prevent frequent urination or become always thirsty.
  • Take prescribed medicines to help neutralize your blood sugar levels after enjoying the foods and drinks.
  • Follow the proper time or schedule of using injectables as per your doctor’s recommendation.


Follow some healthy tips to condition your blood pressure even today before the holiday season comes. However, even if you can maintain a healthy lifestyle, the impact of an extended vacation and multiple travels will be a challenge to your diet. Every celebration involves food and drinks that may cause you high blood pressure and may give you other health risks.

According to the American Heart Association, 40% of the population around the world has high blood pressure which is known to be one of the causes of death. This study has shown that people in their mid-life with hypertension may suffer from impaired cognitive function. Thus, it will be unfortunate to feel dizzy and have difficulty breathing while enjoying your stay with your family.

On the flip side, a healthy holiday diet helps you to avoid some foods and fluids that may cause your blood pressure to go up. As long as you maintain healthy habits in eating, you might even get healthier during the holiday season.

So, start doing these healthy tips from now on:

  • Do not expose yourself to stress and always find time to rest after spending outdoor activities and partying.
  • Stay hydrated to maintain good and normal blood pressure.
  • Overeating is strictly prohibited especially during parties.
  • Avoid fatty and fried foods because oil is not easily digested.
  • Always have with you your medicine that doesn’t have decongestants so it will not increase your blood pressure.

Healthier you during the holidays

The holiday season is a few months away and you must not be worried at all if you have discipline in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The choice is yours but it’s better to be health conscious rather than have a visit to the emergency room. Therefore, with the tips you have read, visit your doctors for consultative sessions.