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The holiday season is right around the corner. Festive decorations, holiday shopping, holiday break, and holiday food are some of the most awaited things during this season. And let’s admit it, food this season is oozing and really tempting. During this season, we expect to see lots of holiday food being sold on the streets, at the mall, or even made at home. Noche buena and media noche celebrations make us spend a fortune just to prepare tons of food at the table. Truly it is that time of the year wherein most of us will willingly sneak in a little bit of cheat day every now and then. But with all these food comes along those most dreaded calories!  
So it is very important to stay fit during the holiday to avoid putting your health at risk.  
Here are some ways to burn calories. . . while having fun!

Play with Children
This holiday season we expect to have tons of visit from our relatives raging from our grandparents, titos and titas, cousin, nephew, and niece. Use this opportunity to spend time playing with your younger brother, sister, or relative! Not only do you burn calories from chasing these energetic children, but you also enjoy yourself while bonding with them.

Indoor workout
Gyms are either filled or close because of the holiday rush, so instead of lazing around the house and doing nothing, why not work out from home? A simple sit up and push up daily will surely help you burn calories. Or if you're too lazy to do those workout, you can try going up and down the stairs for several time. Stair climbing = instant indoor workout!
Run for a cause
During this season many company and organization organize different events such as run or walk for a cause. Sign up for these kinds of event not only do you lose a couple of calories, you also contribute and help others. Since you are already signed up for this event, why not drag your whole family to make it more enjoyable?
Go Shopping
Shopping might be a dreaded thing to do especially for this season because of the bustlin’ and hustlin’ city  traffic, last minute shopping, and window shopping. During this season we have tons of shopping to do, ranging from buying gifts for our loved ones, buying groceries needed to make those festive and holiday food that we all crave
and love, buying new clothes and accessories, and many more. This could be a tiring activity but despite that, going out and buying all sort of things, make us engage in some sort of exercise. By walking around and looking for those gifts, we sweat and burn down some calories.
Do Yoga
Holidays or not, yoga is a perfect way to burn the calories!. This particular exercise can be done by anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Yoga helps in giving peace of mind, lower blood sugar, and many more. Surely this exercise will boost both your mental and physical state this season.

Even in the most slightest activity such as walking, running, and playing around, we can burn those calories. We just need to stay motivated and keep on moving forward and onward. Burning calories don’t have to be very tiring and expensive after all. Have a happy and healthy holidays!

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