1st Month: Welcome to the Bigger World!

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Hi Mommy!

Congratulations on delivering a healthy baby! Also, welcome to the most rewarding stage of your life: motherhood. I’m sure you are pretty excited about the developments of your one-month-old baby! All his sudden movements even in the slightest are so precious and too good for your eyes. By this time, your newborn is just getting used to this big, unfamiliar world. And you are getting used on attending to his many needs with tender loving care! 

In general, here are some key things to expect during your baby’s first month.

Your baby’s physical appearance would definitely change at this month. Babies are born with extra body fluid and typically lose up to 10% of their birth weight during the first few days of life. But weeks after, he will gain weight quickly. 

There are also some innate reflexes that your baby can do, including sucking. Actually, some ultrasound photos show babies sucking their thumb even in your womb. Your baby can also react when he feels as if he is falling, this is called the Moro reflex. He could also be able to turn his head while lying on his stomach; just make sure to put your hands on his neck for support.

Newborns sleep 15 to 16 hours a day. He could sleep 5 times a day with two naps in between. Sure, you would experience sleep deprivation at this stage (and maybe during all stages, perhaps). Good news! Eventually he will get a normal sleeping pattern. 

Did you know that babies are drawn to human face than other stuffed toys? Yes! Baby can recognize you! So when you smile and talk to them, you may lean forward towards them because they can see up to 8-12 inches away only. 

In terms of hearing, newborn's hearing isn’t fully developed yet, but can recognize sounds especially your voice, which they got used to hearing in the womb. They will begin to turn their head towards the source of a sound. They also have a well-developed sense of smell, and can already pick out the scent of their mother’s nipple, and breast milk, within the first few days of life.

During month one, expect your breastfed baby to eat eight to 12 times a day (about every two to three hours). Look for four to six wet diapers a day as a sign that your baby is eating enough. And last but not the least, your baby will communicate to you through his sob stories and teary tales. It’s his way to say 'I’m hungry – feed me!'' and many more.
Always bear in mind that every baby is unique.  They will do things at their own pace and in their own time.

Happy 1st month mommy and baby!