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As long as we can, we do not want our kids to experience mosquito bites, let alone to get wounded. But no matter how cautious and careful we are about looking after our babies, nappy rash will always come along the way. Studies say that almost all children who wear nappies get nappy rash at any stage.

Nappy rash is very common in babies, particularly when they're between nine months and 12 months old. There are a lot of factors as to why your baby gets a nappy rash. Albeit, the main reason is wearing a wet or dirty nappy over some time. Newborns pee often and do frequent, runny poos. Over time, dampness, friction, and ammonia substances from wee may irritate your child’s bottom. It can happen whether you use washable or disposable nappies. Another, plastic pants contribute to nappy rash because it stop the circulation of air in a normal basis. While soap and detergents used to wash cloth nappies are sure rash contributors, too. Even the most absorbent nappy leaves some moisture on a baby's delicate new skin.

When your baby has nappy rash, the skin on your child’s bottom will look red and sore. The rash will probably affect her genitals, the outer skin on the folds of her thighs, and her bottom. The affected areas can appear either dry or moist. It may sometimes look shiny or pimply. Sometimes nappy rash might go up onto your child’s tummy or spread up towards your baby’s back. Some areas of skin might be raised or swollen, and there might be breaks in the skin. These breaks are called ulcers.

If nappy rash isn't treated, it can develop into something more serious, including:

a yeast infection, such as thrush or candida. Most of the time, nappy rash heals after 4-5 days. However, if these signs show, then you should see your healthcare provider. Take note:

  • the rash hasn’t improved after three days, even when you use the treatment steps below

  • blisters, crusts or pimples appear

  • your child is upset and isn’t sleeping

  • your child has an unexplained fever

  • the rash is spreading

  • the end of your son’s penis is red and swollen, or has a scab on it.

However, even if your baby wear fresh nappies regularly, allergic dermatitis may strike. This happens on baby’s with particularly sensitive skin. Allergic dermatitis could be triggered by a different brand of nappy, or a new cleanser or baby wipe. Sometimes it's obvious what the cause is, as the rash develops immediately after you've changed to a new product.

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