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Good and proper hygiene makes your baby happy and healthy!

Bath time can be a lot of fun for your little one and it can also give you an idealquality time to spend for you and your child. When it comes to making your baby clean, it should be a priority to choose what’s the best product for them. As a mom, you just want to give what’s best for your child’s needs. Knowing the type of shampoo, what are the ingredients and why should you choose that certain baby shampo oare probably the most challenging part that moms do because, we know it, there are tons of baby shampoos out in the market today!

When you choose a baby shampoo for your baby, you shouldn’t just grab any random shampoo and use it. Be aware of the chemicals that it might have. Choose the baby shampoo that is all natural, organic and allergenic. With that, you can just use a small amount to get your baby smelling clean and fresh without risking the health of their scalp.

These are the list of ingredients in baby shampoos that can cause of potential hazards:

  •  Fragrances​. Its purpose is to make sure that the chemical smell is not present. The companies are not required to reveal what fragrance they are using so there might be unsafe and hazardous chemicals in them that is concealed as “fragrance”. It might cause rashes to your baby’s skin, eye irritations and in some cases respiratory problems. The best way to do is to choose a shampoo that is fragrance-free.
  • 1,4 dioxane and Ethoxylated Surfactants. This is never listed as an ingredient but according to the studies done by Environmental Working Group, there are 57 percent of the baby soaps containing it. So, just a little reminder that if you see the letters “eth” in your baby’s shampoo, it is certain that there is 1,4 dioxine in it. If exposed high level of 1,4 dioxane, it can irritate the eyes, nose, lungs and skin. Not to make you worrysome mommies ,this content actually evaporates very quickly also dilute easier in water.
  • Parabens. ​It can be seen everywhere including soap, shampoo, body wash, moisturizers and more. They are linked to health issues including skin irritation, hormone disruption and reproductive toxicity.

What type of baby shampoo should I use for my baby? The answer is: it depends. Baby’s skin is really sensitive especially the newborn. As for them, taking a bath everyday is not necessary at all because they don’t get dirty as much as the toddlers does. You could just put them to a sponge bath to cool them down and to make them feel relaxed.

Is your baby ready to take a bath daily? If so, you should choose the right shampoo for them. You can use mild shampoo for your baby’s sensitive skin which doesn’t contain synthetic fragrances, artificial colors or irritating preservatives that might irritate your baby’s scalp. You can also use natural baby shampoos that is made by natural ingredients so as you can keep chemicals be exposed to your baby

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