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Strollers and Babies

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Easy and convenient bond with your babies? Take a walk, have fun and enjoy every moment!

For all parents out there, strollers are commonly used as a gear for babies that is needed from the very start of infancy until the child is able to walk on his own. Many parents nowadays are using strollers for them not to carry their children on a long distance walking. At about 3 to 4 years of age, the child can still use strollers until they reach 7 or 8 depending on the child’s performance.
With different types of strollers, the parents can choose depending on their preferences for their child’s comfortability and safety. Strollers comes in different designs, styles and colors. There are types in which the parents can choose from: For 0-6 months.Parents need to look for something comfortable and supported—a standard stroller, to keep the baby stable. At this stage, babies’ condition is at stake so they need to find a good and structured stroller to prevent the baby from bounces and uneven forces.  
The stroller also needs to have a comfy reclining seat so the baby can lie down flat on his back.

  • Car-seat stroller frames are also available with lightweight metal frames that is designed to carry a specific types of infant car seats. Frames can be removed, put in a stroller frame, and viola!—you can now stroll and enjoy the walk. It can be easily fold up and don’t take too much space.
  • For larger, heavier, and more expensive than a stroller frame, but can used after your baby has grown too big for his infant car seat, travel systems are available which is a standard or jogging strollers for it can also carry an infant car seat.
  • Strollers that can be easily fold up compactly, lightweight strollers are there which usually weighs 12 pounds or less. This type of stroller called umbrella stroller have not much padding and not very adjustable. It is not suitable for infants for it doesn’t have much head support and don’t fully recline. Some used these stroller as a backup for travelling.
  • Having twins or triplets? No worries! Double and triple strollers are there to bring you the convenience and comfortability that you needed. There are options where you can choose to add a platform behind or have a side-by-side model of stroller.

Of course, our baby’s safety always comes first.  Be sure to always keep an eye to your baby and as it says “never leave your valuable (baby) unattended!” If you choose to hang toys from a stroller bumper bar then double check if the toys are well fastened. The “fasten your seatbelt” reminder will never get outdated, too! Check brakes and engage stroller brakes when you decide to be at bay. Do not place strollers under the heat of the mighty sun for a couple of hours. The stroller material can be heated enough to cause  burns on your baby’s skin. And lastly, always put a hold for the warranty for when you need a recall and checking for your baby’s stroller.

After having been said all these things and presenting options to you, the ultimate question is: Are you now ready to have a walk with your little ones?