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Breast pump is an instrument used in order to collect milk from the breast. The milk that has been collected can be used instantly or it can also be stored for latter use. Breast pumps are usually handy when mothers are out most of the time and they still want their baby to drink breast milk. It is also used when mothers want to increase their milk supply and or relieve themselves from pain due to engorgement. But regardless of whatever reason why mothers decide to use breast pump, it is important to know how the experience can be worthwhile.

Tips for a better breast pump experience

  1.  Relax:
    In order to have a better milk ejection, it is advisable to stay relax before and during the pumping session. You may listen to soft music while sitting on your favorite chair. Have all your materials in arms reach so that you'll no longer have to stand up when you are finally in your relax zone.
  2. Privacy:
    It would be better if you can have your pumping session in a more private and secluded area. Being in a private part of your house like your bedroom for example decreases the chance of having some unwanted disturbance. This is also a way for you to keep all those noise and unnecessary distractions at the side while you try to stay comfy and relax.
  3.  Establish a routine:
    It is proven effective that having a routine during pumping because it helps in stimulation. Pumping at the same time of the day, everyday will allow your body to familiarize with the pumping.
  4. Massage:
    Well, who doesn't love a massage? Massaging your breast during a pumping session does not only relaxes you but it also encourages the let-down of milk. If you feel that you are releasing little milk during one of your session then massage your breast for awhile before resuming.
  5. Dress Accordingly:
    Wear clothes which are loose and comfy. A loose top like blouse or shirt is one of the best choice when you breast pump because it is easier to access.
  6. Eat right and be healthy:
    It is important to take the right amount of sleep and food in order to be able to produce more milk. If you are nursing and pumping, it is important to eat healthy foods such as oatmeal, carrots, nuts, and the likes. It is also important to drink plenty of water.
  7. Use the right pump:
    There are different types available on the market today such as manual pumps, battery operated pumps, electric pumps, bulb-style pumps, and many more. Women differ from each other meaning if a particular pump is good for a certain person then it does not necessarily mean that it is also good for you. One must know what pump will be more practical and better fit for herself to avoid harming ones breast and to be able to be more comfortable when breast pumping.

Be knowledgeable about the different types of breast pumps! Take note of these:

Manual Breast Pumps
Manual pumps are operated using your hands. It may require you to squeeze a trigger button to be able to squeeze out the milk. It is usually small and travel friendly. But it is not recommended if you are planning to regularly breast pump or if you will be ejecting tons of milk because it will be time consuming and cumbersome.

Battery Operated Breast Pumps
Battery operated pumps can be a substitute for manual pumps. They are not advisable if you want to breast more done once a done because it is not the powerful enough to maintain milk supply. Also since this particular pump requires batteries it can more costly.

Electric Breast Pumps
Electric breast pumps are used when you want to increase the production of your milk. If you want to save time when you breast pump then this is the pump for you. But since it is an electric breast pump, it is heavier compared to other breast pumps. Also it is the most costly one.

Bulb-Style Breast Pump
Bulb-style breast pump also known as bicycle horn pump is the least efficient among all the breast pump. This particular breast pump is not only considered as unsanitary it can also damage the breast.

Regardless if you are a busy mom, an always on-the-go mom, or a stay-at-home mom, knowing what are the things necessary for breast pumping will surely help lessen the inconvenience, pain, or problems that might be arise. Knowing the right kind of breast pump for you will surely help you out in the latter days.