Natural Baby Skin

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As mommy you want to give your little one the utmost care that you can provide. No doubt, it’s your topmost priority. A newborn skin is very sensitive and delicate. So, try to look at these tips for your baby’s perfect skin care.

It’s bathtime
As a mom, you definitely want your baby to feel fresh and clean all throughout the day. So mommy, here’s a tip: bathe your baby two to three times a week. More than that can be harmful as that may lead to removal of your baby’s natural oils which helps protect his fragile skin. Use lukewarm water in doing so. To clean your baby’s face, slightly wet a cotton ball and gently wipe it to his face. After bathing, don’t forget to use baby lotion on his delicate skin area to keep it moisturized.

Diaper 101
Changing your baby’s diaper does not need to be a total nightmare for you and your baby. Change the diaper as frequently as needed and gently wipe your baby’s buns with soft clean cloth. Before you put on his diaper, use a diaper cream to prevent skin rashes and irritation. Avoid using diapers with fragrance and also take note, use the appropriate size because too tight or too loose size will just make your baby feel uneasy and discomforted.

Awareness on your baby’s product is the key.
All you’re aiming now is to find the perfect products for your baby’s skin. Today, we see and hear a lot of reviews regarding baby products, ranging from great, good, to nah.

Use skin-care products made for babies only. Avoid using products with fragrances. It can easily irritate your baby’s skin. Try observing your baby’s reaction after you use a product or everytime you try a new product on him. Antibacterial and deodorant soap are also a big NO because these products may trigger skin irritation.

Powder Talks
Be careful when using a baby powder. Make sure it’s kept away from your baby’s face. The powder contains talc and cornstarch which can cause breathing problems to your baby when inhaled.

Watch out for sun
By the time your baby turns 6 month old, you can now expose him in the sunlight. You may also use sunblock, but, take note that SPF 30 should be the minimum. Also look for a sunblock that has “broad-spectrum” on its label because those kinds of sunscreen blocks both UVA and UVB rays.

Baby garments
It is advisable to make your baby wear soft clothing or preferably cotton.

Since your baby has a very delicate and sensitive skin, it is advised to wash the brand new clothes and towel before using. If anyone from your family has a sensitive skin, there is a possibility that your baby might inherit it because basically, skin conditions are genetic. The detergent you are using might also be one of the causes of irritation or rashes on your baby’s skin. Might as well consider change your detergent into a milder detergent or use a fragrance-free laundry detergent. Be sure that the lather has been removed well.

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Seek an immediate attention from your baby’s pediatrician if you think there is something in your baby’s skin that makes you worry.