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Are you planning to shift to formula milk but find it confusing because there are different and various brands with corresponding claims and ingredients in the market? With all the brands in the market shelf, it could be overwhelming what to choose best for your baby. Always read the packaging for more information especially when you can’t distinguished which is which.

Not all milk is suitable for feeding babies. Below are the milks you shouldn’t give your babies:

  • Condensed, evaporated, dried milk

  • Sheep'’s and goat’s milk

  • rice, oats or almond

Here are the formula milk options you can give your baby:

1. Cow’s Milk Based Formula:

The main ingredient for baby’s formula milk is based on modified cow’s milk. The manufacturers alter the protein of the milk to make it easier for children to digest

2. Soy-Based Formula:

Soy-based formulas made for soybeans are modified with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help ease its digestion. It is recommendable if you’re a vegan and is allergic to cow based difficulty in digesting cow based milk formula

3. Lactose-Free Formula:

This is a formula that has corn syrup. Lactose-free formula are for babies who are lactose intolerant (although a rare case.)

4. Hydrolyzed Formula:

This type of formula milk is made completely from whey protein. The doctors recommend this type of formula for babies who face difficulty absorbing nutrients or babies with multiple allergies. However, there's no firm evidence that this milk is easier to digest.

5. Metabolic Formula:

Metabolic formula is recommended only when your baby is ill and requires specific nutrition.

Most babies easily digest formula milk. But some have an allergic reaction to the cow's milk protein in the formula so when this happens, call your pedia immediately. Your child's doctor can help you choose the formula that best fits your baby's needs. You can also compare notes with other parents in our formula-feeding community group.

Just like the old times, parents were advised to stick to a single formula milk brand. However, there’s no good evidence that changing does any harm. You can try different formulas to see which your baby might prefer in case the small variations between them have an effect. A few babies may do better with a special formula instead of the regular kind but this needs medical advice.

If you are still undecided then know that all formulas are created equal as it have to meet the same legal requirements to support growth and nutrition. While different brands have different names, packaging, and prices, none of them will short-change you on the required ingredients.

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