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Find Personal Hygiene Kit Essentials at Southstar Drug

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What is a personal hygiene kit?

Hygiene refers to practices or behaviors that help a person sustain cleanliness leading to healthy life. It is imbued in the simple activities our parents taught us since we were young such as: 

  • Brush your teeth three times a day or after every meal
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water
  • Trim your nails regularly
  • Take a shower every day 

These are only some of those things we grew up with. Schools even teach these in class. Remember that shoe box your teacher asked you to bring when we were just kids in elementary? We thought it was only about getting creative, but really, it was required to keep our toiletries in for the rest of the school year.

For some, that marked the beginning of learning the concept of hygiene and the making of our first ever hygiene kit. It was like a treasure trove, but really, it’s a lifeline for all the moments you’d need its contents.

Have you got a personal hygiene kit?

Proper hygiene is a universal need. Aside from food, clean water, and shelter, having hygiene supplies allows people to maintain practices that help improve their quality of life, personal health, and confidence level. Specifically, in these trying times with scenarios that compromise our safety, having the right supplies and practicing proper hygiene habits can create a world of difference.

Basically, having access to soaps, alcohol and other personal hygiene essentials can help you take care of yourself and your family and even better, prevent a lot of diseases from spreading. Thus, it’s important to have a kit at home or on the go. 

So, if you’re getting organized or you want to improve your habits, you can start building or sustaining your home and personal hygiene kit with us. Southstar Drug is your reliable partner for the items you need and more.

Find your hygiene kit essentials at Southstar Drug!

You don’t have to look elsewhere. We’ve got you! Southstar Drug believes in the importance of hygiene and is committed to answering to the needs of its customers. In case you run out of these items, just come, and shop for Southstar Drug products or other trusted quality brands online or Call and Pick up at a Southstar Drug nearest to you. 

With Southstar Drug Brand, you can check your list with these hygiene kit essentials.

Southstar Drug Bathroom Tissue Rolls 2 Ply - 4s and Southstar Drug Bathroom Tissue Solo 2 ply 300 Sheets

  •  If you’re caught in a sticky or messy business, you can use Southstar Drug Hush Little Baby Wipes instead. This gives you 80 pulls for the price of Php 80.00 only. You can also get our travel-friendly variant that has 30 pulls for only Php 43.00.


Southstar Drug Baby Wipes Hush Little 80 Pulls and 30 Pulls

  • Frequent handwashing is a must! Stock on Southstar Drug 1 Liter hand soaps which are available in different variants for Php 145.00 only. Choose from Classic White, Lavender Scent, or Pink Bloom which are all antibacterial and moisturizing.

Southstar Drug 1 liter Handsoap (Classic White, Lavender Scent or Pink Bloom)

Southstar Drug Liquid Hand Soap 500 ml (Lavender, Ocean Breeze or Floral Burst)

  • Home Hygiene Kit essentials are also relevant for first aid treatment. Don’t let a small wound get exposed and make sure you have these bandages just in case. You can buy Southstar Drug Plastic or Clear Plastic Adhesive Strips for only Php 16.80 and Southstar Drug 4'' x 6 yards Gauze Bandage for Php 22.35 only.
Alt Image Tag: Southstar Drug Gauze Bandage 4'' x 6 yards

Shop for Hygiene at Home.

These are only some of Southstar Drug Brand’s quality products. Browse for more items available when you go through our online store.

Furthermore, as we believe that safety also comes hand in hand with convenience, we also offer to have your orders shipped and delivered right at your doorstep. You can avail our delivery service to prevent shopping outside.

As we continue to live in the new normal, remember to stay safe and know that you can rely on Southstar Drug for your needs and essential supplies.