CrossFit: Pros and Cons

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Even if you’re not an exercise nut, you probably have heard of the CrossFit exercise regimen. Created by Greg Glassman, CrossFit is a popular fitness program that started in 2000. It is promoted as both a physical exercise and also as a competitive fitness sport. Exercises range from gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, track and field, kettlebell training and other sports. Most workouts resemble circuit training and are finished in less than 30 minutes. 

But before you get on the bandwagon and immediately sign up for a CrossFit workout program, make sure to do a bit of research first.

Take a look at these pros and cons:

1. Nutrition
CrossFit highlights the importance of healthy nutrition in its program. They promote the Paleolithic diet which is based on foods similar to those supposedly available to prehistoric humans- protein, fiber, fats and a bit of carbohydrate. 

2. Difficulty level
CrossFit’s emphasis on High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an effective and highly efficient way to improve muscle strength and endurance. CrossFitters also use their own body weight to create exercise routines.
3. Community
CrossFit is big on building a sense of community and loyalty. Every one of all levels of fitness is welcome to join.

1. Complicated techniques lead to injuries
CrossFit workouts are derived from intensive sports training like Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics and track and field. Techniques from these sports usually take years to perfect so it’s highly important to perform these correctly in proper form. CrossFit experts strongly agree that good form is the key to safe and effective exercise, however most CrossFitters still don’t do it well leading to injuries like herniated disks, muscle and tendon ruptures.

2. Expensive
There are already a lot of CrossFit gyms popping up all over Metro Manila. But the average price for these gyms still cost about Php500-900 a session. Some offer packages that bundle sessions to make it more affordable. However, joining a low cost gym is still relatively cheaper than most CrossFit or high-end gyms that offer CrossFit workouts.

3. Peer Pressure 
One of the negative sides of having a strong sense of community is that peer pressure culture is prevalent. Participants might pressure one another to do unsafe exercise routines. These may result to injuries. Make sure you know your limits well.
In a nutshell, if you need to get in better shape, CrossFit is a good exercise regimen as it provides good nutrition principles and great high intensity interval training. However, like any other sports and work out regimens, it must be approached with caution and prudence. Make sure you know your limits as the complicated techniques and moves might prove disastrous for you.