CrossFit: Pros and Cons

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Even if you’re not an exercise nut, you probably have heard of the CrossFit exercise regimen. Created by Greg Glassman, CrossFit is a popular fitness program that started in 2000. It is promoted as both a physical exercise and also as a competitive fitness sport. Exercises range from gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, track and field, kettlebell training and other sports. Most workouts resemble circuit training and are finished in less than 30 minutes. 

But before you get on the bandwagon and immediately sign up for a CrossFit workout program, make sure to do a bit of research first.

Take a look at these pros and cons:

1. Nutrition
CrossFit highlights the importance of healthy nutrition in its program. They promote the Paleolithic diet which is based on foods similar to those supposedly available to prehistoric humans- protein, fiber, fats and a bit of carbohydrate. 

2. Difficulty level
CrossFit’s emphasis on High intensity interval training (HIIT) is an effective and highly efficient way to improve muscle strength and endurance. CrossFitters also use their own body weight to create exercise routines.
3. Community
CrossFit is big on building a sense of community and loyalty. Every one of all levels of fitness is welcome to join.

1. Complicated techniques lead to injuries
CrossFit workouts are derived from intensive sports training like Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics and track and field. Techniques from these sports usually take years to perfect so it’s highly important to perform these correctly in proper form. CrossFit experts strongly agree that good form is the key to safe and effective exercise, however most CrossFitters still don’t do it well leading to injuries like herniated disks, muscle and tendon ruptures.

2. Expensive
There are already a lot of CrossFit gyms popping up all over Metro Manila. But the average price for these gyms still cost about Php500-900 a session. Some offer packages that bundle sessions to make it more affordable. However, joining a low cost gym is still relatively cheaper than most CrossFit or high-end gyms that offer CrossFit workouts.

3. Peer Pressure 
One of the negative sides of having a strong sense of community is that peer pressure culture is prevalent. Participants might pressure one another to do unsafe exercise routines. These may result to injuries. Make sure you know your limits well.
In a nutshell, if you need to get in better shape, CrossFit is a good exercise regimen as it provides good nutrition principles and great high intensity interval training. However, like any other sports and work out regimens, it must be approached with caution and prudence. Make sure you know your limits as the complicated techniques and moves might prove disastrous for you.

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Color Your Run: A Celebration of Health and Wellness in Naga City

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That was a wrap for the 9th and most colorful installment of Run for Wellness, South Star Drug’s annual fun run, which was held in Naga City, Bicol last September 9, 2018.

More than 1700 participants gathered to celebrate health and wellness in Plaza Quezon, Naga City for this year’s theme, Color Your Run. Our runners got up early in the morning to register and choose between the 3k and 5k categories at the assembly at 4:30AM.

The event included other fun activities which participants of all ages enjoyed. A program, hosted by none other than Jak Roberto of GMA 7 was kicked off during the event. After the race, a group Zumba was held too cool off those muscles and as a communal celebration for everybody present. Several giveaways were also distributed amongst participants.

All of this was made possible through the 47 partnerships present during the exciting event.

Salamat na marhay, Bicol, and see you all at next year’s run!

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Cleanliness Rules Every Family Must Have

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Finding out how to prevent kids from getting sick is usually the most searched query by moms. We’re pretty sure you’re well aware that your kids’ hygiene play a huge role in ensuring they stay healthy regardless of how many activities they have both inside and outside school. But the key to kids’ cleanliness is developing ground rules the entire family has to follow.

So develop in your little ones the habit of staying tidy and healthy with these cleanliness rules your family has to follow day in, day out.

Make these cleanliness rules a fun family affair to make sure everyone understands the importance of hygiene and looking out for each other’s health. This will not only keep your homes clean, but will also bring the family closer together!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas is one of the much awaited holidays in the Philippines—when the ber months start, the decors are out. Children whip out their makeshift instruments and sing their hearts out with classic Christmas carols, and the adults rush to malls for their early Christmas shopping.

While some are preoccupied with their to-dos, some enjoy their time at home feasting on their favorite greasy food and alcoholic beverages almost everyday with their kumpares and kumares.

While being a merrymaker is one of the fun traits of Filipinos, it is often the reason behind them neglecting their bodies. Christmas is the time to enjoy binging and letting loose, but we should also remember to take it easy on the things that when accumulated, could harm our insides.

So before all the festivities begin, make sure you have the necessary supplements or hypodermic devices you need to combat bodily diseases and acute allergies. Lastly, don’t forget to eat everything in moderation—this isn’t an eating competition, so enjoy and chew it well!

There are tons of ways to take care of your body, but it’s the inside that needs the most caring, for it’s something that you can’t see. So, enjoy the holidays. Enjoy great company. And most of all, enjoy stocking up on your medicine needs at Southstar Drug!

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Fit is the New Sexy

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While flicking through your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you see this hashtag #fitspiration. Your immediate reaction is "What on earth is this? I can't be missing this out!" Out of curiosity, you click and explore what that tag represents. Then you find out that there are approximately million of results about this. Cool! So you browse and browse till you drool on how fit their bodies are! Now, you look at the mirror and compare how close or far you are from reality.

Fitness Inspiration or widely known as fitspiration is an online trend designed to inspire and encourage people to achieve their fitness goals. While others might think that it's all about losing that extra fat, fitspo or fitbies as they are also dubbed, is actually a healthy alternative to another trend called #thinspiration -- something that mostly anorexics and bulimics use and is resulting to serious health problems. Research shows that acute exposure to fitspiration images led to increased negative mood and body dissatisfaction and decreased state appearance self-esteem. But it doesn't have to be always like that!

Fitspiration comes in different size and form. So take it easy. Of course you can't just start today and see huge results the next day. Your body need not to be surprised on the drastic changes you want to pose on it. From eating carbs to completely just drinking juice won't make you go any further. Remember that slow progress is better than no progress at all!

Also, stay committed: From waking up early, to eating your healthy platter, or hitting the workout mat, it's ideal to have it well-scheduled. It's a lot easier for your body to cope up with changes when you have a regular pattern on how you do things. Be consistent and don't lose your momentum. Or else you'll be coming back to square one and you don't like that, do you?

Set realistic expectation and consult the experts too. You don't have to do it alone. Talk to your doctor, family, and friends for support. Ask yourself this question: Is it the best time? Am I ready to make some necessary changes? Plan smart: anticipate how you'll handle situations that challenge you resolve the inevitable minor setbacks.

Most especially never ever starve yourselves in order to reach this goal, think through more. There are weight-loss pills — prescription medicines, nonprescription drugs, herbal medicines or other dietary supplements — are all, at best, tools that may help with weight loss. It may help on your way to getting fit but it surely is won't do the magic.

Remember, the very reason why you want to attain this goal is because you want that body! Think of your body as a vehicle to your dreams, and without it you can not go places and see wonders.

Never miss a chance to avail quality products with great discounts! Be sure to take a look at Southstar Drug’s Summer Super Savers for your fitness needs. Promo still on going!

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Featuring: Feet

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Did you know that the average person takes more than 10,000 steps a day? Our feet can take us everywhere we would like to go to! Without them, we can not attend to the many errands in our to do-lists. However, we have this bad habit of only taking care of the face and hands. Just because our feet aren’t used to greet people, doesn't mean we should be taking care of it any lesser. 

Much more so when rainy season arrives, maximum damage tampers your feet especially if you have to travel to office or school, and other places within this rainy weather. It is all the more important to take care of the feet as it remains wet for a long time. The moisture on the feet may lead to bacterial and fungal infections like itching skin, ringworm, redness on the skin and so on. Your feet may even get smelly resulting to athlete's foot! 

Before something smelly happens, here we round up essential and reliable foot care tips from during this skin scare season:

●    Keep the feet clean and fungus free during the rainy season. Always wash the feet immediately after coming home from the rains. Germs, dirt, fungus and bacteria from outside gather on the feet  can lead to infections. Nails of the foot must always be cut short during the monsoon. There is a risk of fungal infections taking place due to dust and dirt gathered under the nails.
●    Keep the feet dry by dusting talcum powder after washing them clean. Talcum helps the feet to remain dry. The toes must be given special attention as there is the tendency of bacteria to grow there.
●    Exfoliating the feet during monsoons is one of the best care tips for feet. The perfect way to exfoliate feet is to soak the feet in soapy water and scrub them with a scrubber or pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin cells. Moisturizing the feet after cleaning them is good to keep the feet smooth. After that talcum powder must be dusted to keep the feet dry.
●    Change the socks daily or also twice a day if they become wet. Always wear dry footwear. It is better to keep two pair of shoes, so that there is time for each one of them to dry. 
●    Pedicure of your feet is as important as cleaning your feet. You may visit a parlor or do it at home. Just dip spur feet in lukewarm water to which is added some lemon juice or shampoo. Scrub your feet, cut the nails, clean under the nails, file the nails and then apply a good nail polish. 

For some unexplainable reason, people think of foot care as a luxury rather than a need. That is why feet is known to be the most neglected part of the body. After having a long and tiring day, our feet deserve a relaxing care. Basic foot care is fundamental to one's grooming routine. It is not just about for the sake of aesthetics, but having a well kept feet denote hygiene.  So, it should ideally be a habit,  just like the habit of washing your face.

Rainy season feet care tips to avoid infections in this rainy season:
9 Top Monsoon Feet Care:

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Energy Drink

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We spend almost half  day running errands and the next option, inevitably, is to run out of energy boost and feel tired. So you decide to head on to the nearest convenience store to see what’s in store for you.  “Energy Drink” says the label with inviting packaging.  Is it the answer? Maybe yes, maybe not.
If you constantly see yourself in this situation, here are the things you should know before you gulp any energy drink from the convenience store’s fridge. Caffeine, which is the main ingredient of an energy drink, can provide you a fleeting energy boost. Aside from the temporary fuel up, it can also lead to some problems like:

  • Nervousness
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Increased blood pressure

Avoid energy drink when you’re tired. Naturally, someone needs rest when tired, so imagine the changes in your system when you push a little bit through more. So then again, take a rest. Also, when tired, get adequate sleep. You can also massage as research shows that connection between massage and sleep. Consider including physical activity in your daily routine and of course a healthy diet.  
Occasional energy drinks are fine, but try to limit yourself 500 milliliters a day. Still, we encouraged you to consider these healthier alternatives:

Green Juices and Smoothies
The dark green vegetables such as spinach, parsley and kale used in green drinks are a great source of B vitamins which our body requires for metabolism to run at its peak.

Green Tea
It contains a smaller amount of caffeine than coffee does. Green tea helps improve mental clarity and performance, making it a great alternative to an afternoon cup of coffee.

Dehydration is one of the main reasons we experience a drop in energy. If you think drinking water is boring, spruce it up by adding fruit slices or some blueberries or strawberries. The fruit provides some carbohydrates and B vitamins for an extra nutritional punch. All of the metabolic reactions that happen in our body happen in water.

Step away from the sugar. Researchers at the University of Cambridge found that protein trumps glucose when it comes to stimulating the cells that keep us awake and fuel the calorie burning fires. To boost alertness, keep your body running with amino acids found in lean sources of protein like eggs, edamame, and pork loin.

Turns out good old-fashioned carb loading is still a great alternative to boost energy. According to a ​study​ published in the ​International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, participants who ate primarily complex carbs experienced greater levels of alertness immediately following their meal.

If you really find yourself in need of an energy drink, only chug during emergency. Finally, we all know that moderation is the key. Take note of this: pregnant women, teenager, and breastfeeding mom should avoid this drinks even in the slightest consumption.

8 Alternatives to Energy Drink

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Drink What Makes You Beautiful

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We belong in the generation that put much premium on physical appearance. In fact, mister google will give you thousand of results when you search for something related with beauty products such as top-of-the-line toner, night cream, day cream, moisturizer, facial serum and oil, and many more! I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Striving for a beautiful face and skin in totality is one of the many #lifegoals one must have been aiming for (including me and you of course).

But one emerging global trend is hitting the sack as of year 2013 and is not going elsewhere this year.  2016's big skin-care trend isn’t about what you slather on, it’s what you’re gulping as part of your beauty ritual. This is none other than (drum roll playing) Juicing!

Throughout the years, health practitioners have grated or grounded fresh herbs and soft fruits and pressed the juice along with the healing, active constituents from them. Dr. Max Gerson was the first to put forth the concept that diet could be used as cancer (and other disease) therapy, but it wasn't until the 1930s, when author and raw food proponent Dr. Norman Walker invented the first juicing machine, that juicing became widely available.

What makes juicing a hot trend then? Is it because your favorite blogger posted an Instagram-worthy picture of her smoothie on a mason jar with gorgeous flat lay of strawberries and almonds on the side? (Well, that could be.) However, out of the many possible reasons why, one thing is for sure, it makes you look and feel beautiful!

Why does it make you look and feel beautiful?
Aside from the obvious fact that you're drinking pure nutrition out of the juice from varieties of raw vegetables and fruits, it is medically and dermatologically acceptable to say that  the juice produced is a natural source of vitamins and minerals which is actually good for your health!

Here's a short list of the fruits and veggies and their health benefits:

  • Apples- are a good source of pectin, a soluble fiber.
  • Beet greens- contain an abundance of chlorophyll, vitamin A and C.
  • Broccoli- is a potent antioxidant which has been proven to protect against cancer.
  • Carrots- are beta-carotene, vitamin A and phytochemicals.
  • Celery- leaves have a high content of vitamin A. while the stems are an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C
  • Cucumber- is a good source of vitamin A, C, and K.
  • Cranberries- have a high vitamin C content, a good portion of fiber
  • Mangoes- supplies 25 percent of the needed daily value of vitamin A.
  • Oranges- are rich in vitamin C.
  • Spinach is high in vitamin A and C

There are whole lot more juicing ingredients you can mix together that will give you unique and healthy experience in every sip. All you gotta do is be experimental and innovative! Plus a quality juicer is a sure must, too.With that being said, it is safe to conclude that we could look and feel beautiful on the outside when we are completely nourished from the inside. So, drink what makes you beautiful!

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Do You Sweat the Right Amount of Sweat?

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Have you seen a meme on the social media saying "Tag that person whose hands are like a flowing river!" Quite funny, right? You probably have someone in your mind or that someone could also happen to be you. However, when the sweating on your palm is just way too much, doesn't it suggest medical and emotional implications?

Sweat can give us that stinky and uncomfy feeling sometimes. Whether we like it or not, sweating is a natural and healthy part of our lives. Sweating helps the body to regulate its temperature. Your autonomic nervous system controls your sweating function. This is the part of your nervous system that functions on its own, without your conscious control. Did you know that sweat is made mostly of water, but about one percent of sweat is a combination of salt and fat? That's why sweating is said to be a way to lose your body's extra fat!

The main cause of sweating is the change in the outside temperature. Other causes are due to the food we eat, (also called as gustatory sweating) or emotional stresses like those characters from the Pixar movie, Inside Out (Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear). Some medication use like painkillers can play a role in your sweat output.

Studies shows that there are average of three million sweat glands in the human body. Right, three million. So, does the figure gives justice to the excessive sweating of your palm, feet, armpit, face, scalp, or the entire body? The answer: NO. According to  the National Institutes of Health, “normal” sweating can be as much as a quart of fluid per day. Although people have different sweat needs, doctors say they can't put a solid number on the question: how much sweat does it take to be diagnosed with excessive sweating?

"It's very difficult to quantify, but most people really do understand when they are sweating too much," Dee Anna Glaser, MD, says. More than that, you might be experiencing Hyperhidrosis ­-- a condition of excessive localized sweating. It means that you sweat far more than your body needs you to sweat. In hyperhidrosis, the body's cooling mechanism is so overactive that it produces four or five times the amount of sweat that you need. For example, if you sweat while resting calmly at your bed, that is excessive sweating.  Although the cause is unknown, some Physicians claim that  anxiety or excitement can exacerbate the condition for many sufferers.

While others say that the more they make efforts to stop it, the more they tend to sweat eventually making them feel embarrassed. I mean who wouldn't feel so when all the things you touch becomes damp and  your shirt is patched with bodies of water?

But hey don't worry because worrying might add up to the sweating! We could fight the embarrassment by taking antiperspirants or prescription medications called anticholinergics. Sweat gland removal or destruction is also one surgical option available for armpits. If you're a go-organic believer, herbal medicines are also available to help you out.

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Detoxifying Your Body

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Detoxifying your body has recently become a trend. But, do we have to follow the trend? Are we going to benefit if we do so? The answer is totally: YES! All of us needs to get rid of the toxins that we have acquired in our body. Toxins are hazardous waste that damages our body. Exposure to it may affect our metabolism, behavior and immune system that may lead to diseases. As the days go by, imagine the toxins we acquire in our bodies—which was stored in the tissues and cells, are continuously increasing. Yikes!

Say goodbye to that toxins because you have to start detoxifying. But what is detoxifying anyway? Let’s check it out and know its benefits and practices

  1. Get rid of the toxins from the body.
    Toxins comes from the environmental pollutants, cancer-causing chemicals, household and personal care products, pesticides, stress and negative emotions and even in the food that we eat.
  2. Prevents diseases that caused by exposure to too much toxins.
    The toxins that we may have in our body are responsible for chronic diseases such as cancer, neurological diseases, heart disease, and others. Our body has it’s own way of detoxifying our body. Our lungs, liver, colon, kidneys and skin helps in removing the toxins through our breath, bile, urination, elimination and pores. But, remember that if the toxin is too much too handle for these organs, it may give up which will result to many diseases.
  3. Enhances the immune system.
    If our immune system becomes weak, it makes us defenseless to flu and colds that may affect our daily activities and productive lifestyle. Detoxifying helps us to fight off the infection and strengthen our immune system.

Aside from all these three, there are a lot of benefits we could acquire if we start detoxifying. It  may include changes in our lifestyle, losing weight, relieving stress, increasing energy, improving skin quality and having a clear mental and emotional state.

Since there are a lot of strategies or ways to detox your body, we’ll make it simple for you! Follow these steps and get ready to have a healthy life!

  1. Eat the right food
    We love foods, who could say no actually? All those sweets— doughnuts, cakes, name it. But, if we plan on detoxifying, you should lessen your sugar intake. Start eating organic fruits and vegetables and avoid fast foods and other processed foods.
  2. Exercise
    Exercise is not just about losing weight or getting physically fit but it also helps in detoxifying your body. It helps you to sweat which helps to release the toxins we have in our body through our skin.
  3. Meditation
    Stress! It is one of the forms of toxins that we have in our body that is as toxic as chemicals. When our minds are troubled, it causes our body to function poorly. So, to relieve all those stress, meditation is a good way to release the toxins in our body. Meditation is easy as pie! Just imagine something positive, clear your mind and focus on breathing freely, releasing all those stress. Meditation gives your body a chance to relax and have a happy and healthier life. Remember, a sound mind is a sound body!
  4. Diet
    Detoxifying is not just avoiding the food that causes toxins to build up but it is also about our food intake. Eating foods that detoxifies our body like garlic, lemon, broccoli sprouts, mung beans and raw vegetables. You can also try raw/alkaline diet—consuming of uncooked fruits and vegetables together with raw nuts, seeds, and sprouts and juicing—drinking organic and fresh juices from fruits and vegetables.
  5. Drink more Water
    Water is an essential tool in detoxifying our body. It helps your body to produce saliva and helps in perspiration which helps to get rid of the toxins.​ “Water is tasteless”, “Drinking water is boring”​ — as some may say. In that case, we could add some lemon or cucumber which also helps in detoxifying your body.

For more healthy tips and information, be with us as we share further about the things that will bring out the best in you.

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