Fit is the New Sexy

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While flicking through your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you see this hashtag #fitspiration. Your immediate reaction is "What on earth is this? I can't be missing this out!" Out of curiosity, you click and explore what that tag represents. Then you find out that there are approximately million of results about this. Cool! So you browse and browse till you drool on how fit their bodies are! Now, you look at the mirror and compare how close or far you are from reality.

Fitness Inspiration or widely known as fitspiration is an online trend designed to inspire and encourage people to achieve their fitness goals. While others might think that it's all about losing that extra fat, fitspo or fitbies as they are also dubbed, is actually a healthy alternative to another trend called #thinspiration -- something that mostly anorexics and bulimics use and is resulting to serious health problems. Research shows that acute exposure to fitspiration images led to increased negative mood and body dissatisfaction and decreased state appearance self-esteem. But it doesn't have to be always like that!

Fitspiration comes in different size and form. So take it easy. Of course you can't just start today and see huge results the next day. Your body need not to be surprised on the drastic changes you want to pose on it. From eating carbs to completely just drinking juice won't make you go any further. Remember that slow progress is better than no progress at all!

Also, stay committed: From waking up early, to eating your healthy platter, or hitting the workout mat, it's ideal to have it well-scheduled. It's a lot easier for your body to cope up with changes when you have a regular pattern on how you do things. Be consistent and don't lose your momentum. Or else you'll be coming back to square one and you don't like that, do you?

Set realistic expectation and consult the experts too. You don't have to do it alone. Talk to your doctor, family, and friends for support. Ask yourself this question: Is it the best time? Am I ready to make some necessary changes? Plan smart: anticipate how you'll handle situations that challenge you resolve the inevitable minor setbacks.

Most especially never ever starve yourselves in order to reach this goal, think through more. There are weight-loss pills — prescription medicines, nonprescription drugs, herbal medicines or other dietary supplements — are all, at best, tools that may help with weight loss. It may help on your way to getting fit but it surely is won't do the magic.

Remember, the very reason why you want to attain this goal is because you want that body! Think of your body as a vehicle to your dreams, and without it you can not go places and see wonders.

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