A Guide To Vitamins For Your Kids

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Ensuring your kids get proper nutrition is the first steps to securing a bright future for them. And if you’re one of those moms who are asking themselves, “Should I give vitamins to my kids?” and “Are vitamins safe for my kids?”, then you better read on for this mom-friendly guide on vitamins and kids!

While a healthy diet is your first line of defence against possible illnesses, your busy schedule and choosing to be on the safer side makes giving vitamins to kids a viable option for moms. So here are some reminders to help you choose the best kind for your little one!

1. The Paediatrician’s Input

Sure vitamins are readily available in your favourite drugstore, but be reminded that its important to never self-prescribe. Always consult your paediatrician before giving your kids a supplement — even if they’re the basic vitamin C for kids. You need to make sure you’re giving the right vitamins and the right dosage to avoid severe adverse effects.

2. Your Kiddos Habits

Enforcing a vitamin regimen to kids may take a lot of getting used to on their part. Make sure you know how to perfectly and seamlessly insert taking vitamins into their everyday activities so they won’t think of it as a chore. Their habits also play a huge role in determining the types of nutrients your kids need the most.

3. Your Little One’s Age and Gender

As much as we want all our kids to have equal footing on everything, a child’s gender determines the dosage of vitamins and nutrients needed to secure his/her growth and development. While boys and girls at the age of 2-3 share the same daily nutrition needs, once they reach the age of 4, boys usually start requiring more nutrients than girls. Aside from that, as they age, they also gain more and more nutritional needs.

4. The Vitamins of Choice

Colourful and adorable-looking vitamins might be the top of mind for your kids but remember that vitamins are supplements and not candies. While it’s easier to make your kids say yes to gummy vitamins, sometimes your paediatrician will prefer powder or oil dropper vitamins, so it’s always best to listen to the doctor. And beside, think of all the cavities that come with chewable and gummy vitamins!

5. The Top 6 Vitamins Kids Need

If you’re unsure which vitamins your kids need, here’s an overview so you know the right questions to ask your doctor today:

  • Vitamin A - Helps protect the skin and eyes, and prevents respiratory, digestive, and urinary tract infections
  • Vitamin B Group - Helps with metabolism, energy production, and ensures healthy circulatory and nervous systems
  • Vitamin C - Helps heal wounds, prevents infections, and strengthens bones and muscles
  • Vitamin D - Helps strengthen bones and teeth, and helps the body absorb calcium
  • Vitamin E - Acts as the body’s anti-oxidant
  • Vitamin K - Helps the blood clot during injuries

Keeping your kids’ health at the top of your priority list is one of the most important tasks of being a mom. So we hope this guide helped answer your questions on vitamins, and even helped you ask the right questions