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Here comes the Southstar Drug Anniversary Sale!

Southstar Drug

One of the biggest sale events of the year is about to come! Watch out as Southstar Drug brings you the 84th Anniversary Sale! Who doesn’t want to stock up on essentials and get to save more? Whether you’re running low on drug store supply, household items, and food items or in need of medical supplies for your first aid kit or go-bag, come and visit our page for what you need. A lot of health and personal care items will be offered during our promotional event. Excited? The annual sale will start on July 10 and will go through July 16, 2021. This window to grab your necessities will last for one week so don’t miss it!

Guest visitors and members alike can score great deals, so we prepared a list of the most important tidbits you can review before this awaited event. Feel free to bookmark this page and to use this as your guide to our sale event.


The Anniversary Sale will run from July 10 to July 16, 2021. Our special offers won’t be around for long so take a look at all the items you need these seven days we’re on sale. Can’t wait to shop? We can’t wait for you, too. You can sneak a peek while waiting or find our current items on Southstar Drug Online.


The items that are part of this will be on sale for a limited time only and they may sell out sooner. But don’t worry we are here to help you plan. Since we’re also available online, you can freely check our catalog and add to cart now. Enjoy more discounts and great deals on top of our ongoing promos where you can save as much as P700 and more!


Demand for essential items is still high. There are items that may sell quickly that is why we highly advise you go ahead and browse. Fulfill your wish list and select the items you need, add to cart and check out. Don’t miss your chance on the great discounts!


Personal Care Items: Bag the personal essentials for your face, mouth, hand, and body best for your self-care kit. A peek in this category includes Colgate products such as toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash variants. Body and beauty soap are also available such as Bioderm, Dr. S. Wong’s and Derma C.

Child and Baby Care: This sale also benefits our children with products such as children’s formula from  Promil and Bonakid joining the event, as well as mild cleansing products from Aveeno, Cetaphil and Oilatum.

Beauty Care: Skin care is in and we know it. Popular products from brands like Cosrx, Celeteque, Senka, Vaseline and Nivea also join the celebration! Ladies and gents, it’s your chance to stock up!

Multivitamins and Supplements: Health is wealth, so we have a wide array of vitamins and supplements discounted too. Since these are already part of our regular routine make sure to score the essential pharmaceutical and over the counter products. Find suitable vitamins and supplements for kids and adults alike. Among items on sale are Growee, Nutrilin, Stresstabs, Fern C, Potencee, Asconzin, Cecon, Myra, Iberet, C Lium Fibre, Vivalyte Plus, Genacol, Calvit. See what else later!

Over the Counter Medication: First aid and immediate relief is also important. Find reliable over the counter medications such as Benadryl, Trosyd Tylenol, Combantrin, Canesten, Elica, Claritin and Tempra. Just be sure to also consult your doctor for proper medical advice and medication.


Enjoy discounts up to 50% off on select Brands & Products

Southstar Drug has loads of items you can dive into. Look through our collection of over two hundred items on discount! With items going from as much as 50% off and other products offered with free items, we give you a peek into what else you can look forward to. Know a portion of the participating items joining our grand anniversary celebration!

Multivitamins and Supplements

Protect yourself and boost your immunity to prevent risk from diseases and other infections. Don’t miss your daily vitamins and supplements:

  1. Stresstabs (8 tablets) at 7% off, now for only Php 81.75 (original SRP at Php 88.00)
  2. Mosvit Elite Capsule at 10% off when you buy 15 capsules, now for only Php 209.25(original SRP at Php 232.50)
  3. Fern C Capsule 500mg (Box of 30) at 20% off, now for only Php 5.75 per capsule (original SRP at Php 7.25)
  4. Fern C Kid's Syrup (Bottle of 120ml) at 20% off, now for only Php 334.75 (original SRP at Php 418.50)
  5. Iberet Folic 500mg Tablets (Box of 30) at 20% off, now for only Php 666.00 (original SRP at Php 832.50)
  6. Berocca Orange (Box of 30 Tablets) at 30% off, now for only Php 356.25.00 (original SRP at Php 509.00)
  7. Rogin E Capsule (6+1 Value) Pack at 30% off, now for only Php 556.50 (original SRP at Php 795.00)
  8. Supraneuron Tablet Super Sulit Pack at 30% off, now for only Php 144.25 (original SRP at Php 206.25)
  9. Ascozin 500mg Chewable Tablets (Box of 30) at 30% off, now for only Php 147.00 (original SRP at Php 210.00)
  10. Calci Aid 500mg (Bottle of 30 Capsules ) at 30% off, now for only Php 183.75 (original SRP at Php 262.50).

First-Aid and Relief

Replenish your first aid kit. Have immediate access to protection, first aid medication and pain relief solutions. Stock on gel patches, topical remedies, over the counter medicine and more:

  1. Gaviscon Peppermint (Sachet of 10ml) at 15% off, now for only Php 23.75 (original SRP at Php 28.00)
  2. Tempra Cool Touch Kids Gel Patch at 20% off, now for only Php 40.00 (original SRP at Php 50.00)
  3. Claritin 4+1 tablets at 30% off, now for only Php 94.50 (original SRP at Php 135.00)
  4. Imodium Loperamide 2mg (Box of 200 capsules) at 30% off, now for only Php 11.25 per capsule (original SRP at Php 16.25)
  5. Tylenol Extended Release 650mg (Box of 50 Tablets) at 30% off, now for only Php 5.75 per tablet (original SRP at Php 8.25)
  6. Canesten Antifungal Cream (Tube of 10g) at 30% off, now for only Php 224.50 (original SRP at Php 321.00)
  7. Elica Anti-inflammatory Cream (Tube of 5g) at 30% off, now for only Php 299.50 (original SRP at Php 428.00)
  8. Efficascent Oil Extra Strength (Bottle of 100ml) at 30% off, now for only Php 82.00 (original SRP at Php 118.00)
  9. Omega Pain Killer Liniment (Bottle of 120ml) at 30% off, now for only Php 78.00 (original SRP at Php 118.00)
  10. Bactidol Oral Antiseptic (Bottle of 500ml) at 50% off, now for only Php 287.50 (original SRP at Php 575.00)


Baby, Child and Adult Care

Score baby, children and adult care deals. Check out our offers for children and adult formulas, gentle baby care products. See our current offers for kids and baby products:

  1. Nankid Optipro HW Four (Box of 800g) at 9% off, now for only Php 1,592.5 (original SRP at Php 1,742.5)
  2. Nestle Boost Optimum Adult Nutritional Powdered Drink (Can of 400g) at 9% off, now for only Php 774.50 (original SRP at Php 849.50)
  3. Nestle Nutren Junior (Can of 400g) at 9% off, now for only Php 491.00 (original SRP at Php 541.00)
  4. Promil Gold Four Powdered Milk (Box of 1.8kg) at 14% off, now for only Php 1334.25 (original SRP at Php 1554.25)
  5. Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo at 20% off, now for only Php 301.50 (original SRP at Php 335.00)
  6. Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch (Pack of 24s) at 20% off, now for only Php 160.00 (original SRP at Php 200.00)
  7. Celeteque Facial Wash Hydration (Tube of 250ml) at 30% off, now for only Php 224.00 (original SRP at Php 320.00)
  8. Bonakid Preschool Powdered Milk Drink (Box of 1.6 kg) at 30% off, now for only Php 657.50 (original SRP at Php 757.50)
  9. Oilatum 100g Soap Bar at 20% off, now for only Php 193.50 (original SRP at Php 242.00)
  10. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion (Bottle of 227g) at 50% off, now for only Php 147.50 (original SRP at Php 295.00)



Certainly, there are more categories of products on sale such as medical supplies, personal care, food and drinks. Just watch out to find out!

Thank you for the past 84 years. As we move forward, you can count that Southstar Drug will continue to deliver the best and reliable customer service. This July, allow us to give back as we share with you our online Anniversary Sale.  Don’t forget to visit our pages this July 10 to July 16. It’s not only that you can enjoy the best offers but also avail services such as same day delivery and free delivery. See you then!