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Treat Your Dad This Father’s Day with Southstar Drug

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Celebrate amazing dads this June

Though some would say that fathers are often stern and serious, like mothers they also have a soft spot in their heart. You can see it in the crinkles of their eyes when they smile or the boisterous sound that booms when they laugh. The tenderness of a father is shown in his own ways when he cares for his family and strives hard to provide as the pillar of the house. Thus, we should recognize that the tough act they show is often only a part of the bigger person that fathers are.

So get ready and come take notes with us because it’s our chance to make sure we can express our gratitude and love for our dads. For the man who always gives his best and more, this is our chance to give back. With Southstar Drug, let’s express how #WeCareALittleMore!

Father’s Day Ideas for deserving dads

To appreciate the efforts of all fathers here in the Philippines, we want to share some ideas on how you can honor the man of the hour. Celebrate the best Father’s Day ever! Let’s reward every Tatay, Daddy, Dad, Dada, Papa because they deserve it. Since this special event is just around the corner, if you’re still wondering about what you can do for your dad, see Southstar Drug’s top picks of easy but thoughtful concepts you can do on Father’s Day.

Plan an epic staycation

Make staying at home extra special by making it like a real vacation. Have a wonderful spread for breakfast or a dainty afternoon snack. See our available food and beverages that you can easily prepare. It may not be a restaurant experience but the effort and love you put in it will surely mean a lot.

Send a thoughtful gift

The great thing about gift-giving is the thought you put in selecting the perfect gift to give. Knowing the personality and daily activities of the man-of-the-house can help you find the best present. Worry no more - Southstar Drug has got you covered. Order through our online store In the safety and comfort of your home.  We have particular items that fit dads and what’s better, we can make sure to deliver on time.

Why not make it extra special by making a personalized gift bundle of men’s care, bath, body and hair care products to keep dad looking fresh and ready for the challenges ahead. Add on some multivitamins and supplements to keep him strong and healthy no matter where he goes.

DIY Spa Day at Home

Don’t get the concept wrong, it’s not only women who enjoy a good day at the spa. Men also appreciate a moment of peace and relaxation. Tired and weary muscles also need rest. An exhausted face and stressed limbs also demand care and attention. Create the perfect spa experience at home. What better way to express that dad is special than by pampering him like a king? To make this idea happen, get the men’s special spa essentials at Southstar Drug. We have personal care accessories for a DIY mani-pedi session, body oils for a soothing shoulder massage, and other products you can use to recreate a healthy and calming spa experience for dad.

Have a Virtual Party

Let’s not forget that almost everything is possible through social media. Celebrate your dad while staying safe at home by hosting a virtual party. Don’t forget to invite every member of your family and close friends. All you have to do is choose a good channel to conduct the event and host fun activities online. No internet? No problem! Load up through our load cards or e-load services and subscribe for the best prepaid data plan you can use to make this party happen!

 Get what you need at Southstar Drug

Uplift and celebrate hardworking, reliable, and loving fathers. Through Southstar Drug, you can make Father’s day a little bit more special with inexpensive but personalized gift ideas. Browse online now and see not just everyday essentials but also the highlights of our best and special products for dad as you prepare for his special day. Check out our selection for men that includes quality and popular bar soaps, deodorants, facial wash, deep cleansers, razor, shampoo, hair wax and pomade.

Make Father’s Day a big celebration to honor and commend fathers. Let it be a day to express tribute and gratitude for fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the great influence of amazing dads in society.

From all of us here at Southstar Drug, we wish you all a warm and “Happy Father’s Day!”.