Should I Pop This Pimple?

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“Oh noo, pimple break out? Not Again!” 
I see it’s that time of the month where a stubborn pimple decided to make a guest appearance. Yup, pimple, zit, pustule, boil, fester- name it! This tiny (or not) red, swollen bump on your face is considered as a nightmare by anyone. Not only that it hurts the skin, it, most especially, puts a damper on someone else’s confidence. 
Pimples are a normal skin condition that affect many people. These are inflammation of the skin in which the sebaceous glands (oil glands) become infected with bacteria, swell up, and fill with pus.
Ever wonder why this season though cold and breezy, makes you more prone to pimple break out? That is because our sweat glands and oil glands are overactive during the rainy season. This increases the tendency of acne, pimples and breakouts due to humidity in atmosphere. So really, pimple break out is on a high side.
We all need reliable solutions to this problem, so take note of these expert advices from Web.MD:

Before you pop a pimple: 

1. Don't poke too early. Wait until your pimple has a firm white head. That means the pus is close to the surface and ready to be drained.
2. Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water, soap, and a fingernail brush.
3. Sterilize a straight pin with a match or lighter. Let the pin cool, then wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. Swab the zit with alcohol and pour some on your fingers, too.
4. Dry your fingers and wrap them with a clean tissue.
5. Position your pin. Hold it parallel to the surface of your skin, and gently pierce the very tip of the zit's white center.
6. Using your fingers, or a cotton swab, softly squeeze the pimple. Press around (not on) the white tip of the zit. If the pus doesn't come out easily, the pimple isn't ready to be popped. Stop!
7. Apply more alcohol (it will sting) or a very small amount of bacitracin ointment to the now-deflated blemish.
8. Instead of squeezing a zit, you could hide it with makeup that won’t clog the pores. Use a concealer that matches skin tone or foundation in a dry, not creamy, formula. These generally come in pots or sticks.

Do not lock yourself indoors or hide beneath your bed sheets. Socialize and live your life the way it was. Make sure to get enough sleep and let your skin rest from all the harsh chemicals you put on your face. Include vegetables and fruits on your diet and practice overall hygiene. Let it breathe and let your whole skin breath. Think that these blemishes are only temporary. Stop bugging yourself with these few occasional visitors and focus yourself on the things that enhance self-worth 

If you aren’t really sure of what to do, you should see your doctor or dermatologist about ways to manage your breakouts.

For more skin tips, check out our article ”Drink What Makes You Beautiful” 

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Each October, you may notice that pink ribbons are emblazoned all around; this is in line with the International Breast Cancer Awareness month. Pink because it is considered feminine in modern Western countries and it evokes traditional feminine gender roles in general.

What does the Pink ribbon represents? Great question. Before everyone joins the bandwagon, it is always a good idea to be educated on a certain topic so as to better understand and immerse on its essence. The pink ribbon represents fear of breast cancer, hope for the future, and the charitable goodness of people and businesses who publicly support the breast cancer movement. It is intended to evoke solidarity with women who currently have breast cancer. Aside from representing breast cancer awareness, the pink ribbon is also a symbol and a proxy of goodwill towards women experiencing breast cancer. Direct buying, wearing, displaying, or sponsoring pink ribbons express social awareness and moral support for women.

According to the pink ribbon foundation, breast cancer claims the lives of around 12,000 women every year. And the good news is that almost two-thirds of women diagnosed with breast cancer today now survive their disease beyond 20 years. More than survival of physical pain, breast cancer patients and survivors experience psychosocial concerns. As mentioned earlier, pink ribbons represents hope for the future. Hope. Hope that lightens up the unique life of each breast cancer patient and survivor; and of course the family they represent.

The breast cancer experience has several distinct phases, each characterized by a unique set of psychosocial concerns.

Some of the most common psychosocial concerns reported by women with breast cancer include:

  • Fear of recurrence,

  • Physical symptoms such as fatigue, trouble sleeping, or pain,

  • Body image disruption,

  • Sexual dysfunction,

  • Treatment-related anxieties,

  • Intrusive thoughts about illness/persistent anxiety,

  • Marital/partner communication,

  • Feelings of vulnerability, and

  • Existential concerns regarding mortality.

These psychosocial concerns hit women in different levels after having been diagnosed and treated. Not all of them cope and adapt in same manner that is why support system plays a great role in their everyday battle. There are so many ways we can empower them; support that goes beyond financial assistance and material goods. We can empower them through emotional support by showering them the affection, love, acceptance, intimacy, encouragement, and care they need. We may also touch them through informational support, by being educated on matters they undergo and face, or by giving advice, guidance, and medical information. Of course, let us not forget the companionship support we can extend to them that goes as simply as giving them the sense of belongingness.

As of now, effective strategies for enhancing coping are actively being studied by many research groups. So while we can and able, let us all spread out the pink power and raise awareness on breast cancer!


Meeting Psychosocial Needs of Women with Breast Cancer.

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For the love of a perfectly smooth legs. . . the answer, (aside from applying your favorite moisturizer). . .shave! A lot of girls make this as a their morning or evening ritual. I have to agree, not only that it prevents hair from curling after wearing jeans, it also gives that glowing skin appearance.  
Alright. If you are so close to shifting on the other side and have your legs shaved, here are the important shaving tricks you must know  to avoid razor burn, razor bumps and irritation.
1. Understandably, you want to get your morning routine underway, but experts advise hanging out in the shower or bath for about 15 minutes before you start shaving — this will soften the hair and open up follicles. Any longer, though, and your skin will wrinkle and swell, making it harder to score a close shave.
2. Yes, you have that nice razor. But, do you change your blades? Remember, bumps and redness occur due to old blades. So change old blades before it cause infection to your skin.  
3. Aiming for a closer shave is not bad. Actually, it fulfills your goal to have that smooth legs. But if you shave upwards to go “against the grain”, then it may cause you irritation and burn. What to do? Make sure to lubricate the skin fair enough and then shave at any direction you want.
4. Shaving in the morning or evening? Your call! But just a tip: shaving at night will leave your legs smoother as when you sleep your legs will swell slightly, which can make hair retreat back into its follicles. 

5. Never ever shave "dry." Shaving without moisturizing shaving cream is your recipe for cuts and burns. Also, do not be tempted to use a bar soap to create a lather. It doesn’t help that way. ​Soap dries out your skin, while conditioner or a cream based product helps to provide moisture, which makes for a smooth shave.

6. This is fine once in awhile, like if you're staying in a hotel, but for every-day use it's best to invest in a four or five blade razor. They provide the smoothest results, letting you navigate tricky areas like your knees and ankles. "Single-blade disposables are likelier to drag against the skin”

7. Treat razor burn soon as possible as it may result to scars -- which will hinder you into achieving smooth and glowing legs. You may apply aloe vera and ice pack. Avoid anything with alcohol, too.

8. If you are one of those girls who think that your boyfriend’s razor blade is more effective than yours, then think again. Do not borrow his razor, use your own as it has the same effect. And of course, for hygienic purposes.
Find the best product for you: Like any beauty product, it’s always good to know what works for your skin before buying shaving cream. For your shaving needs, from shaving creams, razor, to lotion and moisturizer, check out South Star Drugs list of products and get your amazing shaving essentials!

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We’re not exactly there yet, but it’s good to know that more employers are opening their doors for people with disabilities.

Late last year, Southstar Drug collaborated with Unilab Foundation’s Project Inclusion in launching its PWD hiring program. Since then the local drugstore has hired 24 PWD employees, with 5 of them working in the main office.

“The problem right now in our society is we look at the disability first and nothing beyond that. But we look at their potential and expertise first, and their disability just comes second,” says Michael Sabino, HR and admin division manager of Southstar Drug in a feature article by Smart Parenting

Like any other employee, the PWDs started their jobs under a probationary status and get a chance to become regularized eventually.

Their tasks? Organizing files, answering phone calls and even handling confidential information!

Southstar employees had to undergo trainings and orientations on how to deal with their differently-abled colleagues.

“I told them that they didn’t have to give these new hires special treatment (as part of their initiative to give equal chances to PWDs like any other employee). But they do become excited to help the PWDs out,” said Michael.

The PWDs at the store have a positive impact because they have an “uplifting effect” on the customers and other employees. Customer service has significantly improved because the PWDs have inspired their colleagues to become more emphatic.

Right now, only the Manila branches are employing differently-abled folks, but the company is looking to add more opportunities for them in the future.

“It will not stop here, it will go beyond,” said Michael. “We are hoping and pushing forward so that we can create opportunities for all PWDs out of this project.”

You may read the full article here. 



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