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The Generics Pharmacy (TGP) aspires to be the Filipinos’ strong partner for generic medicines - true to their mission of ensuring their quality products meet competitive prices and are always available at convenient locations.

Great news for you! TGP brand medicines are available online at Southstar Drug. Check out our various selections of TGP-marked supplies such as over-the-counter drugs, prescription medicines, vitamins, and supplements. Shop for TGP Brand online at Southstar Drug for your needs today.

Are generic medicines as effective as branded medicines?

Generic medicines work the same way as their brand-name counterparts. They provide the same active ingredients with the same clinical benefits and risks. They are also required to have exact dosage, safety, effectiveness, strength, stability, and quality as brand-name medicines.

Get in touch with your local doctor, your Southstar Drug pharmacist, or other health care provider to learn more about generic medicines.

Difference between generics and brand-name drugs?

The main difference between generic and brand-name prescription drugs is the cost. Generic manufacturing companies compete directly on lower pricing to make their products more affordable. To achieve this, generics like TGP have trimmed-down packaging and plain labels to help keep the product's price down.

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We’re here to make getting generic medicines convenient for you. Stay safe at home and shop for TGP Brand online at Southstar Drug. Make sure to take advantage of our online delivery service and get free shipping for orders over Php 1,499 (available for delivery within Metro Manila and Rizal areas only).
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