Bioflu® provides relief from the multiple symptoms of flu such as fever, body pain, joint pain, colds, chills, cough and sore throat (from post-nasal drip).
  • Phenylephrine HCI, Chlorpehenamine Maleate, Paracetamol
  • 10 mg / 2 mg / 500 mg
  • 20 tablets
  • Used for the relief of clogged nose, runny nose, postnasal drip, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, headache, body aches, and fever associated with flu, the common cold, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, and other minor respiratory tract infections. 
INDICATIONS: Relief of nasal congestion, fever, headache, pains
CONTRA INDICATIONS: Hepatic or severe renal disease
PRECAUTIONS: Liver warning & disease. Concomitant use of warfarin
SIDE EFFECTS: GI disturbances, liver damage especially w/ alcoholics
DRUG INTERACTIONS: may cause liver damage especially w/ alcoholics

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