• Manage frizzy hair with the Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Anti Frizz Conditioner and Smooth Hair Conditioner Standout Straight for Straighter Hair with Frizz Defense Complex and Tri-Oleo Complex 350ml
  • Formulated with a Frizz Defense Complex, this anti frizz hair conditioner will leave your tresses smoother and straighter
  • This straight hair conditioner also boasts of a TRI-OLEO COMPLEX (three lightweight ultra-nourishing hair oils such as argan oil, rosehip oil, and marula oil) that help strengthen and moisturize your hair, keeping it frizz-free
  • Using this hair conditioner not only repairs your hair with daily use but it also transforms your frizzy hair up to 4x straighter from the first wash compared to non-conditioning shampoos based on lab tests*
  • After shampooing, massage this hair conditioner through your frizzy hair, focusing on the ends. Rinse thoroughly after 1 minute
  • To manage and tame frizz, use this anti frizz hair conditioner every day and say hello to smooth and straighter hair from the get-go!

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