• If you're dealing with hair fall, then the Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Hair Conditioner Hair Fall Defense for Hair Fall Prevention with Break-Shield Complex 180ml is perfect for you
  • Developed with a BREAK-SHIELD COMPLEX, this conditioner for hair fall is specially crafted to make brittle and weak hair stronger from the roots to the tips, making it your first line of hair fall defense
  • This hair conditioner promises to transform your brittle and damaged hair and make it softer and stronger while getting up to 98% less hair fall from the first wash based on less breakage observed on lab tests vs non-conditioning shampoos*
  • This hair conditioner is also formulated with TRI-OLEO COMPLEX, which consists of three nourishing hair oils (argan oil, rosehip oil, and marula oil) meant to strengthen, smoothen, and moisturize your locks, making it a versatile conditioner for damaged hair and hair fall prevention
  • To get the best of this hair conditioner, make sure to massage it gently yet thoroughly on your weak and damaged hair, while focusing on the ends where most of the breakage and split-ends occur. Rinse well after 1 minute
  • With consistent daily use, this hair fall solution will help you effectively deal with falling hair, reduce hair fall, and achieve that healthy, strong hair you've always aspired for

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