• It is made up of fruits, vegetables and herbs fused together resulting into ready-to-drink herbal food supplement.
  • All ingredients are natural and 100% organic. It has no artificial color, no chemical added as flavorings, and no preservatives.
  • From 77 components (Kings Herbal 750 ml), Kings Herbal Plus 1,000 ml now has three (3) powerful active ingredients added to create a much-refined flavor-profile.

Kings Herbal Plus Major Ingredients:

  • Carrots, Eucalyptus, Makabuhay, Squash, Taro, Bitter Ground, Malunggay, Miracle Berry, Sugar Beet, Tomato, Amaranth, Avocado, Black Bean, Oregano,, Pennyworth, Queens, Red Bean, Shiny Bush, Black Plum, Broccoli, Chinese Orange.
  • The said three (3) powerful ingredients added are Custard Apple, Lemongrass and Mulberry.

Kings Herbal Plus Benefits:

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Provide essential nutrients needed by the body, including electrolytes


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