• Your child may not be getting all the nutrients he needs. Lactum 3+ contains essential nutrients found in food groups from the food pyramid to help fill in nutritional gaps. Lactum 3+ has key nutrients for Brain, Immunity and Bones.
  • Brain - Contains high source of Iron and Iodine for the development and functioning of the brain. Also has DHA, a brain supporting nutrient with 3.9mg/serve.
  • Immunity - Contains high source of Vitamins C, E, Zinc and a source of Vitamin A and Selenium that strengthens your child’s immune system for stronger resistance to common infections.
  • Bones - Contains high source of Calcium necessary for bone health, also with high source of Vitamin D to help the body effectively absorb Calcium.
  • with 3 balanced meals a day
  • Fiber, Lower Added Sucrose, Healthy Calorie Blend in line with expert recommendation (WHO/FAO 2003. Diet, nutrition and the prevention of chronic diseases. Joint WHO/FAO Expert consultation. WHO. Geneva)
  • 25% lower sucrose vs previous formulation

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