Orahex Oral oral rinse contains 0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate which is known as the gold standard anti-microbial agent. Approximately 30% of Chlorhexidine Gluconate is retained in the oral cavity because of its substantive property. Orahex rinse contains alcohol. 

  • Helps protect our oral cavity from bacteria
  • Makes our gums healthier
  • Provides effective and complete oral care
  • Is gentle and makes our breath fresher and minty clean avoiding oral malodor

Suggested Direction for Use:

Orahex is ready to use and should not b diluted. Rinse the mouth with 10ml Orahex for 30 seconds twice daily (in the morning and evening) After rinsing, expel the remainder. Do not rinse with water, brush teeth, eat or drink. For at last 30 minutes after use since this would minimize the effect of Orahex. For kids, use with adult supervision and do not use Orahex oral rinse. Use the alcohol-free.

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