• The New Promil-« Four is a milk supplement for kids aged 3+.It is expertly formulated with Nutrissentials-«, a combination of key essential and important nutrients, now fortified with Oligofructose to support proper growth and mental development to help nurture the gift:
  • Contains DHA (3 mg/ serving), LUTEIN (34 mcg/serving), and now with CHOLINE (42 mg/serving) which is a nutrient known to support overall mental functioning*.
  • Now with OLIGOFRUCTOSE (0.49 g/serving), a soluble dietary fiber.
  • No added sucrose.
  • A high source of Vitamin B12 & a source of Iron, Iodine, Zinc & Folic Acid.
  • Now contains Selenium, an essential nutrient that contributes to the normal function of the immune system*.
  • Now with Vitamin K and Manganese.
  • Contains Calcium & Vitamin D for the normal growth and development of bone*.
  • Should be given to children aged 3+ together with a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

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