Healthy Holiday Tricks

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With the holiday being just around the corner, it’s inevitable to be trapped on so many festivities and celebrations here and there. Since it’s holidays, self-deprivation from these once a year merry gatherings falls on the KJ area. But then again, your health shouldn’t be compromised! So friend, you have a choice and with every choice you make, you can refer this tricks for a clean chit card. Feel free!

Tricks to Try

Sip that soup! ​ Hot soup as a first course―especially when it's broth-based, not cream-based―can help you avoid eating too much during the main course.

Go natural while chit-chatting! ​Sweets can be tempting, but for the extra energy you need; you can trade the sweets to a bowl of nuts or chips, while you chat so you're not tempted to raise your hand to your mouth every few seconds.

Chew, chew and chew!​  Research shows that ​chewing your food for longer may help you ​lose weight​, scientists have suggested. Munching on each mouthful for longer significantly reduces the amount of calories consumed during a meal. ​Focus on chewing your food well and enjoying the smell, taste, and texture of each item.

Stay wholesome! ​Loud sounds and distractions cause cause you to eat more. According to some sources, the bright lights and noisy hard surfaces can speed up the rate at which you eat and lead to overeating. (No to overeating)

Be conscious. Weigh yourself daily​ and use that number to guide your actions. Research has shown that when you step on the scale every day and then act accordingly, 82 percent likely to regain lost weight than those who don’t weigh in as often.

Try your skinny jeans! ​Zip yourself into your favorite pair of skinny jeans once a week  and take not on how they fit so far. Too tight? Time to do the math.  Just right? Then let’s give a round of applause!

Eat breakfast.​ Aside from being viewed as the most important meal of the day, it also reduce the chance of you sneaking some food on the most inappropriate time of the day.

Practice plate proportion. ​Your plate should have leafy green salads, vegetable dishes, and lean proteins, and taking smaller portions of the high caloric ones. That way, you can eat a larger amount of food for fewer calories and not feel deprived.

Sugar free mint saves! ​When you already feel full but can’t really figure out if you really do, pop a fresh sugar free mint that is known to curb additional noshing.

Smaller plates and serving utensils do the trick.​  In one study conducted at the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, even nutrition experts served themselves 31 percent more ice cream when using oversize bowls compared with smaller bowls. The size of the serving utensil mattered, too: Subjects served themselves 57 percent more when they used a three-ounce scoop versus a smaller scoop.

Let us know if this healthy holiday tricks work for you! Like us on Facebook and send us a message! Happy Holidays!