Holiday Skin Care Routine

Southstar Drug

Holiday Season is already approaching. Have you written down the things you have to do?

Left and right parties, reunions and other gatherings and the exhausting traffic in Manila are the perks and loss that come with the holidays. All these can stress out our skin. It can lead to dull skin, puffy eyes and breakouts—which is a no no! Even the holiday season brings you that, fear nothing. We have some tips in order to help you.

When the sun is shining brightly that it hurts your eyes and skin, the first thing that you usually do is to check it out and do something to freshen up. Going out in this kind of weather can irritate our skin. Sunblock, tissue and water should always be with you wherever you go somewhere.

For facial daily routines, here are the tips you need to do to defy aging:

  1. Remove Makeup

    • Oil-based cleanser for eye makeup should be used.

    • For your face, you need to use cleansing water or makeup wipes.       

    • For your lipstick removal petroleum jelly should be used.

  2. Cleanse

    • Use a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water in washing your face.

    • Use a clean towel to pat dry skin .

  3. Exfoliate

    • Use an exfoliating scrub/cleanser 1-2x a week .

    • Rubbing or tugging the skin should be avoided. 

  4. Tone

    • Use an alcohol-free toner.

    • You should not rub vigorously.

  5. Apply Cream

    • Pat a pea-sized amount on the under eye with your ring finger gently. Start it below the inner corners moving outward to your temple. 

  6. Moisturize

    • Apply a small amount of moisturizer to each cheek. Massage it gently into your face, neck and chest.

When it's rainy on the other part of the world, there is a high risk of infections such as dermatitis. We got these tips to enjoy the holidays without worrying about your skin.

  1. Cleanse frequently
    The high level of humidity can lead to clogged pores which causes an increase in sebum production. There are excess oil on the skin’s surface that traps dirts and dust cleansing skin with a gentle oil-free cleanser for yourself and baby wash for your kids twice a day to get rid of unwanted sebum build-up on your skin’s surface which breeds bacteria. Who wants to have that? So, you need to cleanse your skin with a gentle oil-free cleanser to get rid of the unwanted sebum that's building up.

  2. Keep skin dry
    Dry off as soon as you got home if you got caught on a storm for it may cause fungal infections onto wet skin folds. If possible, take a hot shower and wash off the residual rainwater with anti-fungal soap.
  3. Eat anti-inflammatory foods
    To strengthen your body against skin infection, eating anti-inflammatory foods— tomatoes, green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and collards, olive oil, nuts like walnuts and almonds, fatty fish and fruits are recommended.

    Worry no more this holiday season. All you got is to follow the daily routines, always check your skin care kit and be always on the go! Be at your best this holiday and check out South Star Drugs' skin care products for a healthy, glowing skin.