Southstar Drug

The contents of your bag says a lot about you. Is it like your Tita’s purse? Filled with pain reliever essentials? Or is it cluttered with your everyday things? Receipts, documents, coins and whatnot?

Whatever it is like, the ideal contents of your bag should contain everything you would need in case something comes up. Take having a bad stomach for example. Are you ready to take a number 2 in a grungy, swampy tiled floor, no ventilation, graffiti scrawled, dimly lit public bathroom with only your bag in hand? Point is, you must always be ready for you’ll never know when an inconvenience will strike!

So, let’s start with the basics!

1. The Go Bag - A compact purse with lots of compartments where you store your essentials.

2. Pharma Paraphernalia - Ibuprofen, loperamide, essential oils, and vapor rub to cover all your bodily sakit bases!

3. Paper Hygiene - Tissue & wet wipes for wiping, and a piece of scratch paper to enclose your used napkin. Oh and alcohol too to kill 99.9% of germs on your hands! 

4. Cosmetics - You don’t have to stash all your make up in your go bag—just some that you can use to refresh after a long, hot commute!

5. Wires & Banks - Your phone is an important tool too, so make sure that you have your wires intact and powerbank fully charged!

6. Jug of Water- Lastly, a jug of water! Why buy when you can bring?! Not to mention, you’re helping the environment too by not purchasing a single-use plastic bottle!

And now, you’re ready to go! Make sure you have these in your bag so you’re always prepared wherever you go! Oh, and before you go, make sure to drop by Southstar Drug first for your Pharma Paraphernalia and Paper Hygiene needs!