Working Women’s Guide to Great Body

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Today, women not only handle home and a career but manage a complete overall personal growth. That’s how empowered women of today’s generation are! However, research shows that many women are facing health difficulties due to their busy lifestyle. Due to the lack of exercise and balanced diet, obesity and poor overall fitness strike in.

We understand that it could be challenging to juggle between personal and professional life that’s why today, we round up these smart and practical tips. We hope you’ll find them helpful!

  1. Not a morning person? Become one! Get up as early as you can, eat your home-cooked breakfast, prepare your food for the entire day, and spare a good 20 minutes before hitting the shower and do some yoga practices.

  2. Make it social: If you're concerned about falling off with friends you see regularly, get them involved in your new healthy habits! Invite them for night jogging or simply a walk to the restaurant where you plan to eat your lunch out.

  3. Place a vision board at home or in the office where it is visible so you can see it time to time. Vision board is no bogus; it really does help you as it inspires and reminds you of the goals you have on your list. So get all those magazine or book excerpts that inspire you and pin it on your vision board. Do not forget to include the #bodygoals!

  4. Remember that even in the office, you can stay active all throughout the day! For example: Walk and talk, stand up maybe during meetings, or keep standing while working if you do not have much typing work to do. Take a short walk during your lunch break, take short breaks every half hour where you walk around to get a cup of water or coffee from your office’s pantry and then get back to your desk.

  5. Constant snacking is one of the easiest ways to blow your calorie count for the entire day. So if you can’t help it and you really do snacks, try to make them healthy instead. Stock up with all the healthy snacks to steer clear from various lifestyle diseases.

  6. At this moment, you probably know what clothes look best on you. The rule is to wear clothes for your body type. Simple as that. So while you’re still burning the extra muffin top, be smart and find attractive clothes that fit your current size. Be confident, it’s just a matter of highlighting the best features, you know. . .

Be positive, be happy, be the best you! No matter what, believe in yourself and remember the most important lesson of all: “A positive outlook is a choice that you can always make.” Don’t hinder the release of your feel good hormones. Laugh as you can. Think happy thoughts. After all, it’s all in the mind. The outside reflects what’s inside. So when you leave the comfort of your home everyday, chin up, smile and look the best you can be. Have confidence as you walk and stand tall. Your body will have a much different look this way!



Top fitness tips for working women.