Zumba Fitness

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If you have never encountered the word “Zumba” in your life, it’s time to wake up, maybe you’ve been in comatose all these years! Nah, kidding aside,  Zumba has been invading the world of fitness program real quick. Many are being added on the list of “affected people” in this so-called “fitness craze”.

“Zumba” was discovered “accidentally” in the mid-90s when a Colombian trainer named Alberto Perez, who was said to be the “root” of this dance fitness, forgot to bring his regular aerobics-style music tape for his aerobics class. He then improvised the props to be used for the exercise and used the only tape that he brought that day which is composed of Latin dance music and then that’s it!

Zumba is a combination of exercise and dance. Of course, who wouldn’t want to get fit while dancing on a very lively music with great people around, right? Zumba is not just for the young and fit people because as a matter of fact, it actually attracts more older adults today.

If you haven’t join a Zumba program yet, check this out. These are some of the benefits you could get that could change your mind and might make you consider in joining a Zumba group soon.

  • Improves cardiovascular health. Research shows that in order to improve the condition of your cardiovascular system, you should get engaged in physical activities and yes, Zumba has it.
  • Weight loss. This is actually the common reason why people join Zumba program. Such physical activities help in burning fat that makes you feel uneasy.
  • Boosts self-confidence. Survey says that participants of Zumba program feel better of themselves after being part of it. So if you’re looking for your “long-lost self-confidence”, why won’t you give this a try?  Maybe it’s time for you to be reunited again.
  • Releases stress hormones. It’s a usual sight in Zumba classes wherein participants are laughing and smiling while dancing their body because basically, Zumba is fun!
  • Total body workout. Regular sessions of Zumba dance have the power to refresh all your body parts, such as your hips, your arms, your heart, and most especially your mind.
  • Easy learning environment. In Zumba class, you don’t actually have to move exactly like what the instructor is doing. All you have to do is move big and give it all so that everything would be worth it. In other words, there is nothing to be intimidated about because the place is judgment-free.

Zumba program has no limit in age. Younger ones, older ones, everyone is welcome and encouraged to join. It’s not just that Zumba would make you achieve being fit but also the amazing truth that this could actually help you have a better mindset and principles in life. As long as you have the guts and the power to do the moves and to dance your way up, then, Zumba is definitely for you!