Introducing WellnActiv's Knee and Joint Patch – your rapid relief for knee tension and joint discomfort. Harnessing the power of our patented Heat Relief Technology, this patch provides instant aid with a soothing heat that lasts up to 12 hours. Crafted with natural ingredients, it offers effective relief without compromise. The residue-free removal also adds to the convenience. Ideal for those on the move, each package contains two patches, delivering portable relief wherever life takes you. Pain free made simple with WellnActiv – switch to safe, natural, and long lasting relief.

1. Open packaging & stick on area that needs relief.
2. Wait for at least 5 minutes for the patch to fully heat up.
3. Remove patch after every hour to give skin the time to rest.

- Remove patch if it gets too hot.
- Make sure to do a patch test first for first time users.
- Do not apply directly on skin if using for the fist time.
- Not recommended for those with heat & skin sensitivities.
- Not recommended for diabetic people & pregnant women.
- Don’t use patch while sleeping to avoid possible skin burns.

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