How To Assemble Your Family Rainy Season Emergency Kit

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If there's some packing you need to do this rainy season, start with your Family Emergency Kit. With storms coming in and out of the Philippines, it’s important to keep your family safe in case of emergencies. Floods, power shortages, bad traffic, and even difficulty in drying clothes are some of the expected hassles of the season. But a rainy season family emergency can also be colds, flu, headache, and even leptospirosis.

That’s why it’s highly advised to keep an emergency kit handy at home to keep your family equipped even at the face of natural disasters. Here are what you should be packing.

Keep your emergency kit in a backpack that’s easy to log around. Ensure that the items inside the kit are checked every few months to replace expired goods.

The best way to dealing with a family emergency during the rainy season is keeping up with the news and ensuring everyone is healthy at all times.