Small and Smart Changes for a Healthier You

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Want your face to go back to its naturally contoured state? A little discipline won’t hurt you.

You can’t go wrong with protein, nuts, and fruits.

In small portions, these foods improve your insulin metabolism and satisfy your appetite. Together, they lower your blood pressure and feed your brain.

Eat starch with reservation.

Your body is weighed down with too much starch. Bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice should make up only a third of the food you eat.

Is it worth its salt?

Processed foods have the amount of sodium that makes you feel bloated. Cut down on all the good stuff, like pizza, bread, cured meats, soups, burritos and tacos, savory snacks, and cheese.

You don’t need sugar in your life.

Limit your (added) sugar intake to two packets per day. Put only two in your wallet and once you adapt, you’ll find yourself reaching for less.

It pays to count.

What you don’t know can hurt you. Make a habit of checking out each food’s calorie count and know what it takes to burn it off.

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