No Running Man is an Island

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Sure, running alone can be good once in awhile and there are also perks one can get such as; it’s good for the soul, one can listen to the body more, or one can disconnect from the world. Once in awhile, yes. However, running being a superlatively active sports with a finish-line goal is undoubtedly tough at times; thus the motivation needed to keep on striding your best foot forward may be found along the corrals of camaraderie with fellow runners.

Here are the benefits of running with groups:

●    Apparently, running doesn't always happen under broad daylight or at a straight path way. It could take place during the wee hours of the night; or at a sketchy narrow street. Who knows when a potential attacker might strike and what not? Or to make it worse, you’ve taken the wrong way and couldn’t figure your way out. It’ll be a disaster without having someone to help you out, right? These are the times when a trusty running buddy would come in handy!

●    One of the perks of running is you will be engaged with people from different walks (or shall we say runs) of life. What more if that person you get to run with share the same interests, passion, and work-related matters like you do.  This is quite a win-win situation. Aside from running, you could also do brainstorming and keep creative juices flowing. What a great way to meet new people and expand your professional circle!

●    Now you can sing Omni’s song that goes “Oh I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader!” Yes! Running in groups give you the instant cheering squad that you need. When you feel like you can’t get any further, or too lazy to hit the ground and have a run, or wanted to ditch the training; your mates will be there to keep you motivated and push you past your limits and do that extra hill. Also, runners on social media will hyped up the runner in you. You may follow them for your daily dose of runspiration. And one thing you’ll notice is,  it is normal to experience periods of running struggle a.k.a laziness. But don’t worry, because motivation is just around the corner.
●    Running with group gives you the fulfilling sense of belonging. When you know that you join that racing because it will benefit a chosen charity; when that racing is an act of volunteering yourself in a clean up drive; or simply being there to cheer up your teammates, sure running has been a piece of community whereas runners feel that they belong and are part of a bigger purpose. Also, some have met their significant others or best friends for life through  running group. Whilst others end up traveling to destination races with friends they've met in running clubs or charity running programs.